Living Maples started in the summer of 2020. our vision is to become the most useful, famous, and popular mobile application for every senior citizen in Canada and becoming an inseparable part of their lives.
Our mission is to enrich senior citizens’ quality of life by satisfying their most important daily needs and help them to feel useful, healthy, entertained and being mattered by building a mobile-first app and platform focused on valuable services/features and ease of use.

Our Mission

We aim to make products that are easy to use, delightful to interact with, and build good habits around daily health regimens.

Our Team

Shamim Ataei

Chief Content Manager

Don’t worry about ambiguous points in your product when Shamim is one of your team members, and she is one of the best in the R&D field. She also manages the content team for Living Maples. Shamim is sensitive and accurate about our customer needs and always finds the best ways for Seniors to communicate with the Digital world.

Farzaneh Alinaghi


Writing is Farzaneh’s business, and content is her life and work. During her university years, six years ago, She got her first taste of content production. Content remains her passion to this day, which allows her to manage teams

Saba Fekri


Saba is one of the best! Easy to work with, and She is always professional. She can handle practically any type of content. It is a pleasure to work with her, and we appreciate her effort.

Ashkan Farmani


Ashkan is a good writer. He is capable of researching new topics and creating quality content. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Motahareh Kasraei


Motahare is a fantastic writer. In addition to being responsive, she provides excellent quality work, is a good researcher, and is positive in her approach.

Mehrshid Mehravaran

Social Media Admin

Mehrshid is such an excellent Social Media Manager. Her ability to follow the trends and communicate with audiences is very helpful for us to improve our social media presence.

Rana Nazari

Social Media Specialist

Mohammad Hedayati

SEO Master

Mohammad has saved us massive amounts of time. Our search engine ranking improved rapidly and sustainably since he joined our team. he is super acknowledged and experienced in his field of work.

Hassan Nassiri


Hassan is a software engineer with 10 years of experience managing all aspects of the development process for small to medium-sized companies. Using critical thinking and attention to detail, he has been able to solve many obstacles with innovation

Yasan Ghafariyan


Yasan is an experienced android developer who enjoys creating applications that are both helpful and intuitive. His problem-solving skills are excellent.

Hamid Zandi

Frontend Lead

Hamid is an Experienced Android Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Software Architecture, Version Control Tools, Rest, SOAP, Java, Kotlin, Python, PHP, and C++. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Computer Software Engineering from Shiraz University.

Reza Esmaillo

Web Developer

Reza specializes in WordPress administration. Our website is designed, developed, maintained, and troubleshot by him. He is very trustworthy, accurate, and accountable.

Houriya Seifi

Product Manager

Houria is an ambitious Product Manager, she has the ability to prioritize the essential needs of the customer. She is perfect at managing the product roadmap by communicating among production teams.

Milad Mehraram

User Experience Director

Milad is a UX specialist with nine years of experience. Identifying the needs of real users is his passion!

Pourya Mellat

User Experience Director

Pourya is a creative and curious designer, always seeking new methods, techniques, and technologies to boost his skills.

Motahare Ataee

User Interface Designer

As a talented designer with artistic sensibilities, Motahare seeks to learn new things all the time.

Javad Rasti

Serious Games Researcher

Javad’s aim is to create a game that combines serious games with data gathering and analysis on the early signs of mental illness to help players find treatment before things get out of hand.

Nasibeh Sarrami

Cognitive Science Researcher

The goal of Nasibeh is to create a game that combines gaming psychology with cognitive practices and combats dementia in old age in addition to being entertaining.

Parastoo Diba

R&D Expert

Parastoo is an amazing researcher who helps us building new features. She is detail-oriented and problem
solver and can investigate problems deeply.

Mahdieh Firoozi

Graphic Designer

Mahdieh is a talented, enthusiastic and gifted graphic designer. Mahdieh’s work is fresh, bold, innovative and exciting.

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