The BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a standard indicator of a person’s overall health. For people of all ages, the BMI provides a realistic measure of body fat. In addition to height, BMI is also relevant to age. According to recent research, weight charts and BMI for older persons should differ from adults.
The Silvers BMI Calculator will help you figure out your BMI range and weight chart based on your age. You will receive personalized health tips, nutritional and diet recommendations, and the best exercises based on your BMI, age, and sex. Silvers BMI Calculator can assist you if you believe you need to lose weight.

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What is Silvers BMI Calculator?

An excellent tool to monitor your weight! The application is specially designed for older adults, with large buttons and readable font. The app calculates your BMI range based on your age and offers personalized health tips. We will suggest the best weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain methods based on your gender, physical condition and age. After some time, you can calculate your BMI again and see how much closer you got to a healthy weight.

Who Should Use the Silvers BMI Calculator?

Anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and monitor their weight can benefit from this app. The Silvers BMI Calculator is specially designed for seniors. However, adults of all ages can calculate their BMI based on their age and receive valuable exercise, health, nutrition, and diet tips. The app suggests the best health-related tips based on your age’s female and male weight charts. So everyone can use this BMI Calculator to achieve a healthy weight.

How Do You Calculate Your BMI?

The application is simple to use for people of all ages. You fill the boxes asking about your age, height and weight. And it is possible to enter weights in the metric or imperial system. The fonts are large and readable for seniors’ eyes.

How Much Should I Weigh for My Height and Age?

What will you find on Silvers BMI Calculator?

As mentioned above, Silvers BMI Calculator does more than calculate your BMI and weight chart. If you need to lose weight, maintain or gain extra weight, the app helps you figure out the healthiest way that works best for you. All the tips are based on your sex and age.

Senior Weight Chart

Keeping an appropriate weight for older adults is essential for their health. Seniors’ weight chart is not the same as the weight charts for younger people. If the BMI range is 25 or higher in people under the age of 60, they are considered overweight or obese and should lose weight. In comparison, such a suggestion is inappropriate for an older adult and may have unintended consequences. Therefore, to prevent thinning of the bones and maintain a robust immune system, older adults need a different weight chart from adults. That’s why Silvers BMI Calculator computes your BMI based on your age.

Health Tips

Besides providing you with an overview of your weight chart and BMI range, you will receive valuable health tips in a readable font. The app lets you know if you are underweight, have a normal BMI range, overweight or obese. If you are, for instance, an underweight 75-year-old man, Silvers BMI Calculator will suggest the healthiest ways to gain weight. You can then use this BMI calculator to monitor your weight gain proses.

Exercise Tips

Exercise has many health benefits for people of all ages. In addition to weight management, you can improve your balance, strength, and mood by doing the proper exercises. There are, however, some exercises that are not suitable for seniors, especially if you need to gain or lose weight. The Silvers BMI Calculator provides exercise recommendations based on seniors’ weight charts and physical conditions. We will help you figure out the best exercises based on your weight chart, whether you are underweight, have a normal weight chart, overweight or obese.

Nutrition and Diet Tips

Healthy eating is crucial to living a long and healthy life. The nutritional requirements of seniors differ from those of younger people. However, adding extra calories to your diet when gaining weight isn’t always easy. Most older adults don’t consume enough food, and some people may have a lower appetite as they age.

As a consequence, they may suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By making minor dietary changes during the day, like having healthy snacks, you can prevent unexpected weight loss from negatively impacting your health. Silvers BMI Calculator suggests the most valuable nutrition and diet tips to help you eat healthier and be on a fit weight chart.

Find out about the Best Diet Tips for your Age & BMI Range.

Nutrition and Diet Tips for Weight Loss

You may find it challenging to consume fewer calories when trying to lose weight. In any case, Silvers BMI Calculator will help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight, no matter what the satiation is. Our nutritional guidelines are made according to your weight chart and age.

If you are younger than 60, you will also find the best nutrition and diet tips based on your BMI range and age. So, if you need to lose weight or gain some extra pounds, this application can help you!

Female Weight Chart & Men Weight Chart

The BMI charts for men and women are not the same. Because of this, Silvers BMI Calculator provides you with a female weight chart and a male weight chart based on your age. So, if you’re wondering how much a 70-year-old woman or a 40-year-old man should weigh, look no further than this app!

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