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Technology has made life and everyday tasks so much easier for everyone. Whether you want to be entertained, monitor your health, keep a sharper mind, connect to your friends, or even find new friends, you can find multiple Applications Cognitive Tests for Alzheimer’s. But not all mobile applications are suitable for seniors; they may not be practical enough or lack specific qualifications seniors need.
We are proud to announce that we develop applications for seniors only. Our team’s primary objective is to make life simpler for older adults. Based on our research, we find the content you need, love and enjoy to keep you healthy and happy. These applications have simple UI/UX with large bottoms and readable fonts.

In the following, we will introduce some applications cognitive tests for Alzheimer’s.

Witty Words (Free Download)

Witty Words Game For Seniors

Research has shown Word games are considered an excellent activity for enhancing cognitive skills. Playing word games can improve seniors’ mental health. Brain games have been found to reinforce skills that tend to decline as you age. Witty Words is a word game ( Applications Cognitive Tests for Alzheimer’s ) designed for senior citizens to increase cognitive function, stimulate the brain, and improve memory.
With Witty Words, seniors will have fun, have a sharper brain, and prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. With an excellent user experience and a great user interface, this word game has one goal: to keep your brain healthy while having fun.




Through word connections and crossword puzzles, seniors can challenge their memory, test their vocabulary, and discover new words. You can memorize some letters and their positions in Witty Words. With this feature ( Applications Cognitive Tests for Alzheimer’s ) , older adults can improve their memory, so playing Witty Words is beneficial for brain and memory training. Seniors can also enjoy Witty Word’s beautiful landscapes while playing the game.

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Silvers Videos (Free Download)

Youtube Player application

This app is a user-friendly video player designed especially for older adults. The main goal of this Applications Cognitive Tests for Alzheimer’s is to keep you entertained and healthy. You will find all sorts of valuable videos in all categories you need.
It can be difficult to find videos on YouTube, especially when you don’t know what you want to watch.
We find and categorize videos for seniors’ preferences based on our research. There are various categories to fit every interest and need. As well as skincare and beauty tips for mature skin, Silvers Videos offers health videos created by physiotherapists and doctors. These videos provide simple diet and exercise tips to help seniors live healthier lifestyles.
But don’t worry! It’s not all about health and motivation! Our team selects the best videos for seniors’ enjoyment—from adorable videos of babies, animals, and events to top karaoke performances by the Beatles, Neil Diamond, and Queen.
Enjoy Silvers Videos and stay happy and fit!
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Silvers Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker (Free Download)

pill reminder alarm application for android

We believe it should be simple to take medication on time with the correct dosage, whether you are a caregiver or an older adult. Using Silvers Pill Reminder saves some brainpower, so you won’t have to remember or worry every time you take your medication. In worst-case scenarios, effective medication reminders can save lives. This app will prevent you from forgetting your medication and taking the wrong dosage.
Silvers Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker features an excellent user interface and experience to help seniors remember to take their meds on time.




You can use the app to add new medications with accurate dosages.
You will configure the alarms to go off at certain times based on your bedtime and meals or choose a precise time for each pill.
You can also photograph your medication.
You’ll hear an alarm with the name, image, and dose quantity to remind you to take your medicines when it’s time to take them.
You won’t have to set alarms for each day because this medicine tracker will remind your regimen.

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Silvers BMI Calculator (Free Download)

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a metric that measures how healthy we are. Calculating your BMI is helpful to see if your weight is appropriate for your height. You and your doctor can use your BMI to determine how much body fat you have.
Most individuals overlook the fact that, in addition to height, BMI is also affected by age. A young person is considered overweight or obese if their BMI is 25 or higher, and they are recommended to lose weight. On the other hand, such a suggestion is improper for a senior and may have dangerous side effects.
BMI Calculator allows you to calculate your BMI based on your age. So, if you’re wondering how much a 70-year-old woman should weigh, this application has the answer! Besides being a practical BMI calculator, you will get health tips, the best exercise suggestions, and a personalized nutritional guide based on your age and BMI range.
Like our other applications, the BMI Calculator is also designed especially for older adults.

Silvers Radio

Listening to the radio is a perfect hobby for most seniors. Multiple studies have discovered that older people benefit from listening to the radio in improved well-being. Many people reported that listening to their favourite shows improved their mood and made them feel less melancholy and lonely.
Many senior citizens tune in to the radio for the uplifting effects of the music. Music can evoke joyful memories, eliciting nostalgic sentiments and encouraging happy remembering. It can also be an excellent source of relaxation, helping to reduce stress and improve psychological well-being.
Silvers Radio is designed for older adults’ preferences and tastes. It is easy to use with big bottoms and an uncomplicated setting. You will always find your favourite shows like the old times!

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