help - Living Maples
You can try Living Maples 2 months for free. After free trial you can buy monthly subscription for $15.99, semiannual $77.99  and annual plan $118.99.

You can unsubscribe whenever you want and get back your money completely if you’ve bought monthly plan. If you’ve bought semiannual or annual plan your money cashed back to your account based on times you used the services.

In the Living Maples application, you can go to your Profile — Subscription Plan — Choose preferred plan — Charge your account.
Yes. Living Maples has 2 other applications 1 for caregivers and another for your children and grandchildren.

No. Your child can use the application services for free.

Your phone will automatically call 911 or any other emergency phone number you entered in this part and they will be notified immediately.

In Living Maples application you can go to My Profile and easily edit and add any information.

Living Maples have a great Call Center who can help you any time. Please contact us.