The Best Age to Retire in the USA

When is the right age for retirement? It is a question that occupies the minds of many citizens that are getting close to the time when they want to stop working and enjoy life. The ideal age of retirement depends on many factors, including where and in which country you live. In one of our previous articles, we answer what the best age to retire in Canada is. In this article, we are going to answer the same question about the USA. At what age is it best to enter retirement in the USA?

The Best Age to Retire for Health in the USA

Health is probably the most important thing you need to consider when you are sorting out your retirement. If we wait too long to retire, our health condition might not allow us to do many of the things we planned for our life after retirement. Retirement is a chance to live in a carefree manner. But how can we truly enjoy life if we don’t have the most important gift given to us?

So it would be best if you retired at an age when you are still completely healthy. Sometimes, this age is different for women and men.

Many people retire at 65 or 66, but if you enjoy what you do at work, you may not be ready to retire at 66 or 67. You may want to continue working as long as you are healthy.

What Is the Best Age to Retire for a Woman?

Women usually retire earlier than men in the USA.  The average American female worker retires at the age of 63. In the past years, this age has increased from 60 because people are living longer now with recent medical advancements. In the USA and many countries, it is common for women to retire sooner than men. Women tend to live longer than men. So retiring too early may only increase the risk of running into financial problems and spending their retirement savings.

Best Age to Retire in the USA

What Is the Best Age to Retire for a Man?

American men usually wait until they are 65 for retirement. People born in 1937 or earlier may collect full social security benefits when they are 65 years old. That is why male citizens will not feel the need to wait any longer to retire. Although this age gradually increases as we move on to the next generations. People born after 1960 normally need to wait until the age of 67 to receive full retirement benefits. You are free to wait longer for your retirement, but the standard retirement age for men in the USA is still 65 for a few more years.

What Is the Age of Retirement in the USA?

American citizens usually retire between the ages of 62 and 67. When you reach the age of 62, you can receive your social security payments, although it is reduced.  For collecting the full social security payment, you need to be at least 66 years old.

Once American citizens reach the age of 65, they are considered eligible for receiving Medicare benefits. That is, of course, in case they have paid Medicare taxes for at least ten years.

The table below shows the average age of retirement in every state of the United States.

The Average Age of Retirement in Every State of the United States

Name of the State The Average Age of Retirement
Alabama 62
Alaska 64
Arizona 63
Arkansas 62
California 64
Colorado 64
Connecticut 65
Delaware 63
Florida 63
Georgia 63
Hawaii 64
Idaho 63
Illinois 63
Indiana 63
Iowa 64
Kansas 65
Kentucky 62
Louisiana 63
Maine 64
Maryland 64
Massachusetts 65
Michigan 62
Minnesota 63
Mississippi 63
Missouri 62
Montana 63
Nebraska 65
Nevada 63
New Hampshire 65
New Jersey 65
New Mexico 63
New York 63
North Carolina 63
North Dakota 64
Ohio 63
Oklahoma 63
Oregon 63
Pennsylvania 63
Rhode Island 64
South Carolina 62
South Dakota 64
Tennessee 63
Texas 64
Utah 65
Vermont 65
Virginia 64
Washington 64
West Virginia 62
Wisconsin 63
Wyoming 65

You can see that the average retirement age in the U.S. may vary depending on where you live. Nevertheless, the standard retirement age in all the states fits into 62 to 67 years old.

Some argue that the standard retirement age in the USA will be increased by the year 2023. In 2023, most people will probably retire no sooner than the age of 67.

Best Age to Retire in the USA

Benefits of Working After Retirement

While retirement gives us a chance to live without going through the stress and pressure of work, working after retirement has its benefits.

First of all, working is an excellent opportunity to socialize with other people. One of the common problems senior retirees face is the sense of isolation and losing touch with society. Working again gives you the chance to meet new people and form new connections, so it is the perfect way to avoid loneliness in your senior years.

Another way you can advantage from working after retirement is having an extra source of income. For many people, it can be hard to live on their retirement savings and pension payments. That is why they find themselves back at work again after a few years. IRS rules on working after retirement clearly state that if you get back to work under the supervision of a different employer, you can receive the income from your new job alongside your pension payments. This way, if you receive a fixed income on top of your pension and savings, it is unlikely to face any financial problems in your years of retirement.

Notice that this is only possible if you work for a different employer because this way, you can receive your pension from your previous employer while continuing to work for your current one. Starting your own business also makes no problem for you and your retirement account. But if you go back to work for the person who employed you before retirement, you will not be able to receive any retirement benefits.

Even if you are financially stable and have no trouble socializing as a retiree, there is still one issue that might get you back to work. That issue is boredom. Once you stop working from 9 to 5, you find yourself with lots of free time and a few activities to schedule. So working can help you stay a little busier and save your days from being uneventful and monotonous. Despite what it seems, one solution to how to enjoy life after retirement is to work again.

Best Age to Retire in the USA


If you have thought of a proper retirement plan, and have used a few tips for saving money after retirement to take care of your financial life, then retirement will be a joyful time. A retirement plan, however, depends on you for the most part. Only you can make the final decision on when to retire because only you can consider your life, condition, and savings carefully. So, in the end, there is no definite answer for when you should retire. The best age to retire in the USA is when you think would be best for you and your life.

Source The Balance ssa
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19 days ago

For a couple of years, I pursued my hobbies and travelled some places after I retired at 62. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I think everyone should retire at an age that suits their financial situation and general well-being best. 

Reply to  Roger
2 days ago

Great! I’ve been working for 20 years and impatiently waiting for my retirement

15 days ago

My thoughts were always to retire at 70. But because of the pandemic, I decided to retire early. I retired at 62 last year; My wife and I always want to spend our time doing our favourite hobbies than doing our jobs. From the time we had retired, we started travelling. There are plenty of places that we want to visit. I doubt that would be so easy the older I get. Either way, travelling the world or just enjoying life at home is better than living a life centred around a job.

14 days ago

 Is there a specific age of retirement if you are self-employed?