Good Relationship with the Elderly and Its Advantages

Being neglected by others and loneliness are among the main problems that the elderly are encountering. There should be some facilities for the elderly to maintain their respectful relationship with other family members and other people. Keeping a good relationship with the elderly helps them attain mental health. Having a good relationship with others also enables them to postpone the onset of Alzheimer‘s disease. There are several methods to ensure this relationship: 

  • Participation in various active social groups
  • Walking with friends
  • Travelling 
  • Involvement in voluntary social acts

The elderly are vulnerable due to their physical and mental conditions, so attention and love are essential. We all have this period ahead of us, value the elderly, pay attention to them, spend time with them, and do not withhold your love from the elderly. Due to their unique physical and mental conditions, seniors are among the most vulnerable groups in society who are often deprived of their rights and freedoms. They are exposed to violations of their rights and liberties, willingly or unwillingly.

The elderly have reached a stage where they need attention and love after a lifetime of effort and experience. Old age is a time when the elderly need the attention and love of their children and those around them more than ever, and everyone, especially their children, should respect and love these loved ones. Just as children at different age levels have different spiritual needs and the right behaviours must be used to deal with them, so do adults need to be appreciated and thanked for their past efforts by the children around them.

Today’s elderly are the same mothers and fathers of yesterday who have cared for and raised their children with great difficulty but with love. Now, they need the love and respect of their children, even if they are not financially needy. We should not forget the need to love and pay attention to them. For this, we should know what their true needs are. Here you can find ” The Needs of the Elderly.”

The elderly are a valuable asset and can provide young people, especially their children, with their experience over the years of their lives and work.

Attention and Communication with the Elderly

Senior couple sitting together on sofa at home. they have good relationship.

Some tips need to be considered regarding paying attention and communicating with the elderly, which are as follows:

  • Pay attention to the needs of the elderly and do your best to meet these needs so that you will reach this stage one day and need the attention and love of others.
  • The elderly are in a state of mind that feels lonely and hopeless. Create a sense of worth in them. Be sure to visit them at short intervals and show your enthusiasm for this meeting. Do not let them feel that spending time with them is tedious and frustrating.
  • Today, many of us are so preoccupied with our business and daily life. We may not be able to visit familiar seniors and relatives, and even our parents very quickly. Still, various occasions and holidays are an excellent opportunity to meet and spend time with them.
  • Just visiting the elderly shows that you value and care about them. Inviting them to your home also creates a sense of worth and interest in them.
  • They also definitely feel good with gifts and flowers. Their birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, various holidays, etc., can be good excuses to give them flowers and gifts.

Respect the Beliefs and Opinions of the Elderly

Everyone has their values, beliefs, and culture, which should not forget about the elderly. The opinions and values of the elderly today are formed in a society completely different from the current community.

They have gone through difficult historical events and socio-economic conditions. It may be difficult for you to understand what has happened to the current elderly. You should know that only a good relationship can bridge this generation gap.

Ask for Their Wishes

The first step in communicating with the elderly is to get to know them. This knowledge is better formed by awareness of their needs. To get to know the elderly, you need to ask them questions to understand their concerns better and offer them better help.

Remember to be patient with the older person’s response and spend more time, and if the older one is talking, give him or her a chance to finish and not complete the sentence ourselves.

Be an Enthusiastic and Empathetic Listener for the Elderly

You need to value and respect what the elderly say when talking to them. Listen to seniors well and accurately. Active listening is more than just listening. It is empathy for the elderly. Having empathy for the elderly means understanding what they think or feel in different situations.

The elderly are very receptive to your non-verbal communication, such as smiling, nodding to confirm, looking, eye contact, holding hands, compliments, and so on. So with a simple frown, you can upset them, and with a simple smile, you can show your desire to have a relationship with them and cheer them up.

Pay Attention to the Tone of Your Voice

Seniors pay close attention to the tone of their voice when talking to an obsessive. So try to speak to him in a calm, considerate, and respectful manner. Even if the older adult has a hearing problem, you should never raise your voice or shout to talk to them. For him to hear what we have to say, speak in a standard, near voice to a better hearing ear.

Communicating with Bad-Tempered Seniors

Elderly angry woman threatening with a cane in the doorway

Suppose seniors’ immorality is a complication of ageing, for example, due to diseases of this period of disability. In that case, they feel inadequacy due to the loss of work and colleagues, harassment, overload, etc. You can cure their bad moods and invite them to peace, conversation, and friendship by providing better conditions and being useful.

Do Not Be Disappointed

The person you are trying to help repeatedly violates your rules and commits deliberate sabotage. You may not have any hope of success, but your patience, trust, and understanding of older people’s routines and habits will make your failure a success. According to their habits, and appropriate and planned approach will have a lasting effect on the person you are caring for. It will make your relationship much happier and less painful. This method will teach you what will help the caregiver at any time. Remember what good and consistent actions make him feel so that you can do the same thing over and over again. You need to know that anything unexpected upsets them.

Return the Elderly to a Normal Life

An older adult is forgotten and forgets what is going on in the community around him. It is unfortunate to be frustrated by not knowing what is happening in the world around us. We need to create conditions for the elderly to return to everyday life. What is already familiar to him makes the elderly feel good and shows them that they have some control over their lives. It may take a long time to build an effective routine.

Elderly man with disability having good conversation with his family


The elderly need the attention of others and are also are interested in capturing the gaze. They want to tell people the experiences of their years of life and tell those around them that they were the heroes of their time. Now that you have taken care of this person, it is better to show your behavior that you care about him. By knowing an individual’s temperament, you can build a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect.

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5 months ago

Taking care of the elderly is something we should all do. It’s not just their physical health that matters. In my opinion, mental health is way more important than physical health. The elderly generations are more feeling people than we are, they have strong feelings and that’s something we can all learn from them.

5 months ago

I think it is up to individuals to have a good relationship with each other. And age might not be that important. I’m 69 and I have a 13-year-old grandson. The last time he came to visit me he told me he liked hanging out with me more than hanging out with his friends. I was really happy when he said that. I think what matters the most in having a good relationship with each other is whether your personalities match or not.

5 months ago

i live with my elderly parents. we always have fun moments with them, I think we should understand each other because each of us has different expectations from life. so if we want to have a better life we should respect each other. in this way we never have any arguments together.

5 months ago

I think I’m fortunate for the sake of having my grandparents. Their fairytale stories filled all my childhood, and this is what makes me a dreamer person.

6 days ago

I remember the relationship I had with my grandpa, he was the best and I really enjoyed talking to him but unlike my cousins, I actually listened to his stories and had a conversation about his points of view. It really helped with our relationship and I was his favourite grand child.