The Exercises Seniors Should Avoid

Like all people, seniors need exercise to maintain a healthy body and improve their life quality. However, ageing comes with some bone and muscle health; hence seniors need special kinds of exercises. Not all exercises are suitable for seniors, and they should select their exercises based on their requirements. In Today’s article on Living Maples, we will list some exercises seniors should avoid maximizing their exercise sessions’ benefits.

You might think that omitting these exercises may limit how you can use them effectively to maintain a healthy body. However, the good news is that seniors can add various alternative exercises to their workout sessions to enjoy the same benefits without putting so much strain on their bodies. The importance of exercise for seniors is not hidden from anyone, but you must be very careful in choosing the proper exercise.


It is the first in our list of exercises seniors should avoid, and there is a good reason for that. Deadlift involves a kind of dynamic movement under the resistance provided by the weight. This exercise is highly recommended for younger people since it challenges both the upper and lower body muscles. The deadlift requires a higher body balance, which is why it is on the list of exercises seniors should avoid.

exercises seniors should avoid

Seniors can do other exercises to target the same muscles without balancing weights and can choose suitable sports and exercises for seniors. Kettlebell swing and hex bar are good alternatives to keep a similar range of motion without balancing the weights.

Weighted Squats

The squat is a perfect exercise that targets several muscles such as hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, calves, glutes, and abdominal muscles. The person requires balance and strength. Some seniors lack enough balance; hence they can’t control their balance while supporting weights on their shoulders. So, weighted squats are among the exercises seniors should avoid.

Seniors can use the tools they have at home to do squats. Chair squat is one of the best alternatives to weighted squats. The only things they need to do this exercise are a sturdy chair and a kettlebell or a free weight.

exercises seniors should avoid

Seniors are advised to do this exercise without any weights at first not to develop bad form. Furthermore, it is recommended to do this exercise in front of the mirror to keep the excellent form.


High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of exercise routine recently added to most sports facilities. HIIT exercises involve various activities with the lowest amount of rest between sets of rapid motion. Hence, it requires the person to have a healthy heart and lungs. Seniors might suffer from breathing or heart conditions; therefore, it is one of the exercises seniors should avoid.

However, they can adjust HIIT and do this exercise in a healthy range of heart rate. It is easy to calculate the maximum heart rate allowed for seniors. The only thing you need to do is to subtract your age from 220. It is also a good idea to use a heart rate monitor while doing HIIT exercises.

Power Yoga

Yoga has always been suggested for seniors due to its relaxing effects; however, not all yoga types are suitable for seniors. Restorative yoga is one that most experts recommend because of its relaxation exercises. Exercises involving bending and twisting at the waist are dangerous for seniors. It is especially true for seniors with osteoporosis. Hence, power yoga is among the exercises seniors should avoid. They should only aim for restorative yoga.

Restorative yoga is a type of yoga that helps relieve stress and also contributes to better brain health. It involves using props to support the body, meaning that individuals with a wide range of physical conditions can perform this exercise. Also, yoga helps seniors lose weight.


Although they might not seem very difficult, sit-ups can be hazardous for most seniors. Seniors suffering from back problems should avoid doing sit-ups in order not to worsen their back problems.

exercises seniors should avoid

Planks are a better alternative for sit-ups since they cause less strain on the lower back muscles. Furthermore, seniors performing planks can target the muscles of the front, sides, and back of their bodies. Planks also present a much better opportunity to work the abdominal muscles and achieve a good motion range.

Standard Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are useful for targeting lats, biceps, and the upper back. They can also engage cardiovascular muscles. In our list of exercises, seniors should avoid making their bodies vulnerable to injuries. Pull-ups need a high strength so that the senior pull his body over the bar.

Using a Pull-up machine or resistance band is the best alternative to keep the lats engaged. Lats is one of the essential muscles in the body that are involved in many different movements. Nowadays, most gyms have assisted pull-up machines that will offset at least part of the body weight. You can also use a resistance band attached to the pull-up bar and the foot.

Leg Press

It is a type of exercise that involved leg muscles and glutes. However, it is not suitable for seniors. It can put a lot of pressure on the leg muscles. Seniors might be facing osteoporosis; hence they should avoid this exercise to prevent having knee injuries.

Resistance bands are a good replacement. They are the best tool available for seniors. The good news is that their level of resistance varies according to their colour. They don’t put excessive pressure on the leg muscles. Thanks to resistance bands, seniors can have their legs engaged without exposing themselves to dangers.


An active lifestyle is a must for seniors; however, some activities such as long-distance running can pressure the elderly body. Researchers have found that the body’s aerobic capacity declines about 15% every ten years between 50 and 75.

Seniors who are accustomed to running long distances will not face any problem, but running is one of the exercises that should avoid for those who are new to training. Seniors doing arduous cardio exercises should monitor their heart rate to avoid the risk of a heart attack.

exercises seniors should avoid

Brisk walking and biking are the best alternatives to these exercises. They can both help seniors burn extra fat, and they are perfect choices for attaining physical fitness.

Final Words

Exercise is most for seniors; however, there are several exercises that seniors should avoid to prevent having problems. Ageing also requires a change in our exercise regime, and we should fill our workout program with less injurious exercises.

‏Disclaimer: ‏Please read it carefully

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9 months ago

I didn’t know running could hurt seniors. Everyone always told me that running is good for your health no matter how old you are. I actually used to run my way to work before. But I stopped when I was around 37,38, and only recently I started again. Now I’m 62. It is definitely nothing like old times, but I haven’t had any problems so far. Do you think I should stop?

4 months ago

I love HIIT! I have an app, I workout three times a week, some of the exercises are a bit difficult, but I manage. should I stop? I feel week, and I need to get stronger; HIIT seems right. I’m 58, by the way, and since I can remember, I’ve always been physically active. 

4 months ago

I wish exercising was like dating so you could find partners for each activity. It would be so much more fun. Someone like me never enjoys exercising alone. Does anyone know if there is a website or app for this kind of thing? I think it would be very cool if we had one.

4 months ago

I’m 60, and I do about 20 sit-ups every morning. It’s a habit I have had from my younger days. But I do feel fine even though I’m older now. To be honest, I’m even surprised to see sit-ups on this list. Do you think I should stop when I have no problem?