Best Indoor Workouts During Winter

Exercising outside in most areas of the county during the winter is brutal. It’s utterly dark before five o’clock; therefore, most evening activities would be in the dark as well because there is no light coming in through the windows when your alarm goes off. Winter storms and snow make getting to the gym across town dangerous and make indoor workouts easier to follow. Then there’s the chilly weather: While some people don’t mind layering up and braving the cold for their morning run, others prefer to hibernate until the weather warms up in the spring.

However, staying on the sofa for the winter is not your only choice. Instead, try one of these trendy indoor exercise routines to keep your mind and body healthy while working towards your fitness goals all winter long.

Kettlebells Are a Great Way to Get Your Swing Going

Senior couple in gym working out using kettlebells.

Swinging kettlebells provide efficient cardio and strength training if you want to stay inside and in the comfort of your own home. Kettlebell workouts have become popular among people of all fitness levels. While the routines appear to be easy, a recent study discovered that during a 20-minute kettlebell workout, participants burned off an average of 20 calories every minute. That’s the equivalent of a six-minute mile, which means you can get a full-body workout and burn lots of calories in less time than it takes to watch your favourite sitcom.

Why do kettlebells work so well? It’s because of their distinct shape. They have an unusual center of gravity, requiring additional work with your supporting muscles to perform the exercises. They are, however, softer on the wrists than traditional weights.

Kettlebells are available in weights ranging from 8 to 108 pounds. Choose authentic cast iron versions and begin with the weight you are most comfortable with, gradually increasing as you progress. For popular workouts like squats and kettlebell swings, We recommend starting with a 10-lb kettlebell and moving to a 5-lb kettlebell for activities like a single overhead press.

Use Resistance Bands for Strength Workouts

Senior couple exercise together at home health care

Resistance training with bands is another fitness fad that is effective, simple to learn, appropriate for a wide range of fitness levels, and requires just a tiny amount of equipment. Studies have revealed that resistance band training routines increase muscular strength and growth while decreasing body fat in a manner comparable to free-weight training programs.

Resistance training builds strength and endurance by using your body weight and low-cost resistance bands.

Jump With Your Inner Kid

Woman jumping on exercise trampoline

Remember how enjoyable it was to bounce on a trampoline as a child? You can still have fun jumping as an adult, and if you invest in an in-home trampoline, you can get an energizing exercise in the process.

A six-minute trampoline workout is about similar to jogging a mile, but it’s easier on your joints due to the reduced impact cushioning designed into trampolines. If you do want to go out, a trip to one of the county’s rising trampoline parks is a great winter activity for a family with children or a group of friends. Also, you can check with your local gym about bouncing courses, cardio and strength training conducted on mini personal trampolines.

Discover Your Inner Zen

Senior lady prefers healthy lifestyle, doing yoga

Yoga is an excellent mind and body workout. It is beneficial at this time of year when the winter blues may leave us feeling anxious and depressed. Some of the mental advantages you may experience following a yoga session include feeling calmer, centred, and clear-headed. 

Yoga’s physical advantages include improved posture, strength, and, of course, calorie burning. And you can do most types of yoga for seniors anywhere you like with a small mat. While many of us associate yoga with zen and serenity, this is only one type. For example, sweaty, intense Bikram yoga is a challenging workout that can substitute your morning run when the weather outside is freezing. Check out yoga channels on YouTube, roll out your mat in your living room, or look for a nearby studio that offers sessions.

Try to Do Tai Chi

Asian old senior workout exercise and doing yoga at home

In slow motion, what looks like martial arts is a low-impact exercise that has its roots in China. Tai chi is a way to move slowly and breathe deeply. It’s great for getting your mind right in order.

Tai chi is a great way to get a lot done gently. They say it helps cardiovascular health. It also reduces stress and anxiety and helps with back pain. It also makes you more stable and helps with balance.

Make sure you learn the correct way to do something before practicing on your own.

Pilates Can Help You Shape Your Core

Elderly man with fitness ball and dumbbells sitting on an exercise mat at home

Pilates is one way of defining your core and increasing flexibility. Its motions are meant to condition your body (emphasizing your core) and enhance balance and can be tweaked to meet any fitness level.

Begin with simple Pilates motions like kicks, leg stretches, and pulls.

Are you feeling a bit more daring? Take your Pilates mat talents to the Reformer, a machine that will challenge your strength, balance, and coordination.

Row It Out

Senior Man working out on a rowing machine in the gym

It appears like the rowers at the gym are on to something. According to 2013 research, rowing your boat (or rowing machine) will combine aerobic and resistance training into one effective workout.

Each stroke involves a leg press, a deadlift, and a row.  And even though you’re motionless, since you engage all your muscles simultaneously, your heart rate increases at the same rate.

You set the resistance by how hard you push or pull, so the amount of intensity is entirely up to you. Not interested in rowing alone? Participate in a crew or a rowing class at your local gym.

Convert Chores Into a Game

Senior woman is smiling for the camera as she cleans her kitchen with help from her daughter.

If you’re planning to clean your house anyway, you can as well make it as fun as possible. And, as odd as it sounds, cleaning can be a great workout if done right. Play a pleasant soundtrack and concentrate on calorie-burning activities like washing the tub or vacuuming. Throw in a few squats or pushups every time the song changes. Toning while cleaning: that’s what’s happening here.


Cold air is no reason to skip your workout routine. When winter arrives, move your workout session inside (while wearing a mask during COVID-19, of course!). To tone your muscles and boost your cardiovascular capacity, you have many choices at your local gym or home.

Look for the workout that suits you best, gather the necessary equipment, and prepare to sweat your way through the freezing season.


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1 year ago

My grandmother loves to walk around the garden, usually when the weather is warmer. But during winter, she walks around her house for at least an hour. she believes walking around your own house is safer because you have your loved ones around you, so you do not have to worry about falling. Sometimes she invites her friends to join her in the house, and they do Tai Chi. I suggest older adults exercise with their friends as my grandmother does.

Reply to  Lily
1 year ago

Last winter, I couldn’t move because I had surgery. I was longing to be healthy again. But now I can exercise. When you are deprived of ability, you acknowledge the manifold gifts you are blessed with. Now I go walking every day with my friends. I usually call them in the morning and ask them to join me. Whenever I feel tired, I think about the time I was not able to exercise, and I continue walking.