Easy Wear Bra for Senior Women: Redefine Your Comfort

You’ve probably heard that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Many women are indeed wearing the wrong size, and many reasons are involved. Although there is a lot of information out there, many women do not get measured often enough. Wearing a piece of lingerie that does not fit well will result in your breasts not getting the support they need.
In addition, you will probably feel uncomfortable and not as confident as you should. It is therefore crucial that you get measured regularly. Moreover, as we age, certain body parts are prone to weaken over time, and our breasts are no exception. Thus, seniors need to look for high-level support and convenient bra, which come in handy, especially for older women with back pains, poor eyesight, and arthritis. For the same reason, today, we want to provide information about choosing the right and easy wear bra for senior women.


Three older adults wearing bra

Why Do I Need to Wear Bras?

Breasts may become saggy around the age of 60 to 65 due to years of breastfeeding or the wrong bra choice in your younger days. Plus, ageing makes your skin lose elasticity. Of course, seniors can look for useful tips to take care of their skin to avoid this.

Others may choose to do implants and surgeries, which have their risks. Investing in a bra that fits you well can easily solve your problems. If you couldn’t find a suitable bra for yourself even then, you can review your choices and consider undergoing surgeries. But in most cases, bras are the key to this problem.

easy wear bra for senior

Is It a Good Idea Not to Wear a Bra at All?

Wearing or not wearing a bra is simply a matter of choice. Both options have their pros and cons. Various resources show going braless might be good for your health and have effects like improving poor circulation. While wearing bras is relatively more comfortable. Also, not wearing a bra can cause you to sweat more and irritate your skin.


If you choose the right bra with the right size, which we will discuss in a few moments, you will feel comfortable and get used to wearing them. It is worth mentioning that this topic is considered controversial since the experts do not seem to agree with one another. So as far as we know, nothing is final yet. If you want to get rid of bras, you have the right to do so. If you still prefer to wear them, be our guests. But there is a chance that you hate wearing a bra, mainly because you are not wearing a well-fitted one. Shortly after this, we will go through some details that make shopping for bras unbelievably easy.


two elderly with their bras

Can Sports Bras Be Used Instead of Regular Bras?

Choosing the right sports clothes is very important for seniors, and bras are essential pieces. While exercising, wearing a sports bra helps relieve back and neck strain because it provides some support. 

Are they a good choice for sports activities? Affirmative. Should you be wearing them all the time instead of your regular, daily bras? We don’t think so.

Sports bras might disturb how your rib cage functions.

In some cases, when the sports bra is fitted too tightly, it can pressure the nerves and muscles around the area it covers. So it’s best not to wear sports bras all day long and stick with them only when exercising. If you exercise regularly, it is advised to check  suitable sports and exercises and the best exercise equipment for seniors.

Easy Wear Bra for Senior Women

What Does the Perfect Bra Look Like?

Before we review the top bra models and brands for seniors, let’s look at the things you would want to pay attention to when shopping for bras.

Sizes of Bras

According to The New York Times, there is no fixed standard for sizes. Bra sizes may vary according to shape, body type, and brand. Moreover, the cup size depends on the measurement of the bands and bust. It is suggested not to limit yourself to sizes and numbers when shopping for bras. Try different sizes, even if they are not your usual choice. Remember, you are not shopping to get a bra in a specific size. You are shopping to find the bra that fits you perfectly.

easy wear bra for senior

How Do I Know What Size Bra to Wear?

First, wear a bra that you think fits you best. Wrap the measuring tape across your back and measure directly under your bust. Bra sizes come in even numbers, so you need to round down the number to the nearest even number.

Without unwrapping the tape, move it and measure the fullest part of your breast in the next step. Round down the number if needed, and you will have your bust size. Now all you need to do is subtract the band measure from the bust measure, and the difference will determine your cup size. Below is the chart from which you can find your cup size.

Bra Cup Size Chart

The difference (In inches) Cup size
0 AA
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 DD
6 DDD, F
7 G
8 H
9 I
10 J
11 K

Bra Material

You cannot expect the definite best fabric for bras, including daily, sports and nightwear lingerie. But it is good to know which fabrics are the best and makes bras look beautiful. Also, the fabric is a factor in how comfortable it will be against your skin. Some of the most popular fabrics used for making bras are:

Cotton: Cotton is soft, comfortable and inexpensive. It also doesn’t need a lot of care and attention for washing. It is probably the best option for your daily use.

Wool: Merino wool, the chosen fabric for most bras, feels very soft and decreases sweating.

Silk: Washing silk needs extra attention, and it is not exactly the most affordable fabric you can find. So it may not be the best option for everyday use. However, the glamour it gives to the bra and its incredible softness may convince you to buy a few pieces of this fabric, at least for special occasions.

Support the Breast

The most important thing about a bra is how well it supports your breast. The straps support approximately 20 percent of your breast weight. The other 80 percent comes from the band. A good bra should not be too tight or too loose and should lift your breast to the extent that it is still comfortable moving around.

Bra Coverage

Although you may adore trendy bras with different cuts, the truth is, the more covered your chest is with the bra, the more comfortable you will feel wearing it. Unusual cuts may irritate your skin if you wear them all day long.


A front closure bra

Easy Front Closure Bra for Elderly

One of the main struggles with wearing bras might be the pain and effort needed to hook and unhook a bra from the back. Hooking a bra from behind also makes it difficult to get smooth skin on your back since hooks might not cover the straps well. If you choose front-closure bras, the comfort level will increase noticeably. There are various models with zippers, hook and eye, and snaps on the front, so you will have many options.

easy wear bra for senior

Best Bra for Senior Women

To help you get an idea of what bra to wear after 50, we have gathered the brands and models of bras that seem to be the most popular with female seniors.


  1. Playtex 18-Hour Front-Close Wirefree Bra E525
  2. Just My Size Easy-On Front Close Wirefree Bra
  3. The Meryl – Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra from Leading Lady
  4. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Front Close Support Bra #1200
  5. Arthritis Bra Front Fastening from Silvert’s
  6. Brobe Recovery bra

If you prefer to look for other brands and models, you can check the bras specially designed for seniors on Amazon and see which model is up to your taste.

Final Words

Once more, we would like to remind you that bras, in general, are not an easy subject for examinations. So in the end, it is your choice to wear them, wear what type of them, or not wear them at all. Whatever your choice is, you should be fine as long as you do it mindfully.

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Emily Martin
Emily Martin
1 year ago

Where can I buy one?

Reply to  Emily Martin
7 months ago

Hello Emily. Most of these products and many more are findable on Amazon.ca.
Simply search the model you’re looking for, or click on the link in the article, which takes you to the Amazon website. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, you can also check the Walmart website, which also offers a variety of different bras suitable for the elderly. If you still can’t find the right bra, you should check the website Wonderbra. I’m sure you will find a product that catches your interest. Good luck.

1 year ago

The front closure bras are perfect. And almost every bra that I use has the front closure model. However, if it were up to me, I would wear a sports bra every day. But They don’t go with all forms of clothing, especially not with formal clothes.

Reply to  Angela
7 months ago

Yeah, sports bras are better with casual clothes or daily use, but you’d better go for the other types of bras for formal occasions. The good side is that you don’t wear formally too long, but instead you look more elegant.

1 year ago

I absolutely agree with the part saying front closure bras are more comfortable. I don’t know why bras were originally designed to be hooked from the back. I accidentally bought a front closure bra once, and since then, I’ve hardly ever used normal bras. It’s just so much easier and less troublesome.

Reply to  Amy
7 months ago

Thank you for this comment, Amy. Where have these facts been all my life? I want a front-closure bra and can not wait to get it. I lost 20 pounds, so I have to ask customer service about size. I can not wear regular bras anymore. I hope I can get one as soon as possible. Would you happen to remember where you got yours? Thanks again for sharing. I would love your feedback.

Last edited 7 months ago by Ted
1 year ago

The best bra is no bra! 

Reply to  Rachel
11 months ago


Reply to  Rachel
7 months ago

I’m in my 60s and can’t leave my bra. My breast didn’t have the old day’s form as I aged. It’s genetic, and I can’t do anything about that. So sometimes the best bra is just a bra!

8 months ago

I hate using a bra! It feels like I’m suffocated, and it’s so hard to bear it all day. I wish it wouldn’t be created in the first place.

Reply to  Maggie
7 months ago

I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and during quarantine, it seemed like the obvious choice. I was sick of red lines and itchy patches all around my chest and shoulder.
And it’s not just about comfort. It improves circulation and lets our bodies breathe. It also helps relieve skin irritation. 
I just want to embrace my natural size and shape and feel comfortable doing so.
I have used a lot of brands before like jockey, Amante, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen and the quality was fine, but I’m not going back.

7 months ago

I’ve never owned one of these bras, but True & Co sells an unlined, wireless bra made of thin, elastic material.
The one I’ve been looking for is the True Body Longline Bralette bra. However, other models in that True Body line appear to be acceptable. They come in S, M, and L sizes rather than cup/band sizes. I’ve only seen photos and reviews, but they appear to be super comfy.
Any form of stretchy, elastic mix bra would most likely be suitable, and they are relatively more straightforward for caretakers to dress patients with limited mobility with (speaking experience)

6 months ago

I am a 43-year-old & a mother of 2 children.
I have struggled to understand why everyone in my family has big breasts and not me for years…
Still, I don’t know, and even after having two kids, my breast never grew…
I wear push-up bras; they help form my small A-B cup boobs into a bigger handful, and they are very comfortable…
They make me feel and look like I actually have a decent-sized chest.
I do wear regular underwire bra’s, but most of them are push-up.
Thank goodness someone invented them for people like me.

5 months ago

Well, personally, I really don’t prefer to wear a bra everywhere. Especially at home. Really! Why on earth should someone like wearing a bra at home?!
I never wear them at home, and even when I have to go out, I choose wire-free ones to feel more comfortable. I love just one thing about bras, and that’s the sense of freedom and release after taking them off!