How to Look Younger at 60: Anti-aging Secrets

Did you know that as our skin ages, collagen and elastin production declines, causing sagging skin, lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume? But what if there was a way to stand against such a process and prove that age is just a number? 

Most people should start to think about anti-aging products earlier than expected. Eye cream and serums with antioxidants and hydration are a great start. 

We also need to take care of our bodies and know how to dress in a way that looks delicately younger than our age. This article aims to introduce some long- and short-term tips to look younger at 60. 

How to Look Good at 60

These tips help our body keep its strength and freshness. If you take care of your body, your skin, muscles, and bones stay healthier, you look more refined, and your skin appears with fewer wrinkles at 60. Some of the most prominent long-term tips to look younger at 60 are as follow:

Avoid Overeating Sugar

How to look younger at 60

Everyone knows that overeating sugar will increase blood sugar levels and diabetes. But fewer people are aware of the age-relating effects of sugar. Scientific studies have revealed that a diet containing too much sugar could damage collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are molecules responsible for the plump of a healthy and youthful complexion. Losing collagen and elastin in the skin may lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

As we age, the amount of these molecules in our skin decreases, and sugar intake can accelerate this reduction! 

You want to look younger? Cut out sugar completely; if it is hard, keep sugar intake to no more than 10% of your daily calorie.

Sleep Enough

A good night’s sleep is crucial in having younger and fresh skin. During sleep, your skin can regenerate itself and repair possible damages. According to scientific reports, lack of enough sleep positively contributes to uneven skin tone, less elasticity, and more wrinkles. It is worth mentioning that sleeping quality and quantity are essential if you look younger than your age.

Drink More Water and Eat More Healthy Foods

Drinking water may not directly influence your skin hydration, but it can help your body function properly. Water is vital for collagen and elastin production and combats the ageing effect of sugar. Unlike water, excessive drinking of alcohol dehydrates the skin and appears more wrinkles and fine lines.

Having a balanced diet is the best way to nourish your skin. It is far better than consuming different kinds of supplements (except that your doctor prescribes that). Include foods in your diet that contain a load of antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants are promising molecules that protect our body (and skin) against free-radical damages like UV rays and other damaging factors. Antioxidants also decrease the damaging effect of sugar on our skin by inhibiting attaching sugar to collagen and elastin molecules. You can find antioxidants in many fresh foods like berries, leafy greens, coffee and tea. Oily fishes are a non-plant source of antioxidants that can boost muscles tone and brain health.

 Stop Smoking and Sunbathing

How to look younger at 60

There is no doubt that smoking is harmful to the entire human body. Also, smoking changes the skin, hair, and teeth to look older than your age. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients in the long term and causes pale complexion or uneven colouring. Chemical compounds in tobacco are great enemies of collagen and elastin and cause sagging skin in smokers. So, try to kick the smoking habit right now.

Avoid the sun

Sunlight is a vital factor in all creatures’ lives. Without it, life wouldn’t exist on the earth. However, the ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) of sunlight is one of the environmental factors that age human skin. It can damage elastin and collagen in our skin and makes that appearance sagging and wrinkled. The good news is that we can combat the ageing effects of sunlight by using proper sunscreen.

Exercise Regularly

Almost all people know about the vital role of exercise in having a healthy life. Most people experience gaining weight as they get older. Being overweight causes several health problems and results in looking more aged. Having a regular exercise routine coupled with a healthy diet leads to a balanced weight and a younger appearance.

Build Stronger Social Relationships and Spend More Time with Youngsters

Social relationships are undoubtedly helpful for the physical and mental health of seniors. Having good friends who make you laugh can boost your energy and keep you from depression. On the other hand, good friends can encourage you to engage in more healthy behaviours. Spending time with kids is another excellent way to feel younger.

How to Look Good at 60: Short-Term Tips

How to look younger at 60

Although all tips mentioned above result in looking younger in the long run, we sometimes need and want to look younger instantly! If you want to know what makes you look younger instantly, keep reading the article.

Frame Your Face

Try to keep your eyebrow trimmed. Eyebrows play an essential role in your face and attract attention to your eyes.

Don’t forget the role of facial massage

Facial massages increase blood flow in that area: the more blood flow, the more oxygen and nutrition for tissues. The daily massage of the jawline is also essential to keep its elasticity. Focus on cheek muscles responsible for lifting the jawline.

Adopt a Skin and Hair Care Routine

The instant way to look younger is by adopting skincare for senior and hair care routines. A proper routine may consist of cleaning, using active ingredients to rejuvenate your skin, wearing makeup, etc.

A simple routine to have fresh skin can be as follow:

  • Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser
  • Use toner (optional)
  • Use a physical or chemical exfoliant
  • Apply serums (containing active ingredients)
  • Use moisturizer
  • Wear proper sunscreen

These are the main steps of a simple routine. Nonetheless, if you want to reduce face wrinkles specifically, you can use vitamins externally for the skin! One of the well-known vitamins that are externally used for rejuvenating skin is vitamin C. Serums containing a stable form of vitamin C contribute to collagen and elastin production. Another essential anti-ageing vitamin is vitamin A and its derivatives like retinol.

Another skincare product that keeps your skin younger is hyaluronic acid. It is a molecule capable of absorbing water in the skin so that it can blur fine wrinkles. Thereby, using skin serums containing hyaluronic acid helps you have a plumper face.

How to look younger at 60

Moisturizers are another common skincare products that aim to keep water in your skin. The final results of hydrating and moisturizing products are alike: both try to keep your skin hydrated.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

The secret to having younger skin at 60 is wearing sunscreen. Sunscreens prevent wrinkles and freckles that appear due to UV rays. However, to take the most advantage of sunscreen, you should adequately apply enough volume on your skin and reapply it every 2-3 hours.

Nowadays, many different skincare products claim to have beneficial effects on Rejuvenating skin. The diversity of these products may confuse you, so before choosing any of them, it’s better to know your skin type, need, and consult with a skincare expert.

Note: don’t neglect your neck and hands. Use all facial skincare products for your neck. Hands are also important. When we don’t wear sunscreen and moisturizers, brown freckles and wrinkles will appear on our skin as we age.

Note: don’t neglect your neck and hands. Use all facial skin care products for your neck. Hands are also important. When we don’t wear sunscreen and moisturizers, brown freckles and wrinkles will appear on our skin as we age.

Right Makeup: Tips for Using Cosmetic Products to Look Younger

Here is what you need to know to achieve your desired look:

How to look younger at 60

Before Makeup, Use Moisturizer

Our skin tends to be drier as we age, so use moisturizer to have an even skin tone before applying foundation. Using a moisturizer helps you uniformly spread foundation pigments and avoid accumulating them in fine lines.

Simple Eye Makeup

Use concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes. It can attract attention to your beautiful eyes. Using a primer before eye makeup is optional (depending on your skin type).

Avoid heavy eye shadows on your lids and use just a thin layer of eye shadow. Use a liquid eyeliner without pulling your skin. An eyelash curler will be a wise choice to make your eyes appear more awake. Light mascara also makes your eyes look more youthful.

Use Lipstick or Lip Tint with a Hydrating Formula

Our lips become drier as we get older. To avoid shades after using lipsticks, choose those containing hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. The best lipstick colours for a softer look are nudes, pink, rose, peachy nudes, etc.

Final words

There are several simple tips to look your best at 60 without spending much money. Long-term tips, including revising your lifestyle, eating behaviour, and strengthening social relationships, will come in handy to look younger than your age. In addition, there are short-term tips through which you can instantly look more youthful, including framing your face, adopting a skin/hair care routine and some makeup tips.

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2 years ago

Does anyone know a good moisturizer? I’m 47, and my skin doesn’t look bad. That’s because of my job; I work out a lot. I never use any skin products except sunscreen, but I realize it’s time to start using some antiaging moisturizer or face and eyes cream. There are even anti-ageing sunscreens, but do they really work? And if so, what is the best brand?

Reply to  Romy
2 years ago

Choosing an appropriate moisturizer or any anti-ageing product should be done based on your skin type. First of all, you should determine your skin type, dry, oily, or dehydrated. 

2 years ago

After entering the 60s decade of my life, I always worried about my skin and hair. Because I was petrified of ageing side effects. For example, our hair colour changes or our skin lost brightness. So after reading this article, I try to change my lifestyle, use healthy foods, and improve my sleep by reading books and doing exercises. And now, at 62, I feel young as the 50s.

2 years ago

Although I don’t understand the need to look younger when you are old, I think many seniors wish for it. Soon I will be turning 61. I have wrinkles and blue veins, but I don’t think I want to do anything about it. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to care about my skin or my appearance, of course, but I think the point of growing old is to accept ageing as it is and try our best to stay young at heart.

2 years ago

I saw the miracle of drinking water. I was not used to drinking water more than two glasses. But when I noticed the effect of water on body health and skin, I started to drink at least five glasses of water per day. Now I’m 60th, and I feel my skin looks younger than my age. Now my skin is brighter and has lower wrinkles than when I was 55. 

2 years ago

the best thing I can suggest is hydrating your body and skin. tiny wrinkles on your skin appear when your skin gets dehydrated.