How Can You Make Old Age Happy and Healthy

Spring, summer, fall, and winter are passing, and these days are just a part of our fading life. This gradual ageing is something we may not notice at first, but one day we will see that we are middle-aged and our parents are experiencing their senior years. These days are sooner or later going to appear to us. So let’s learn how to be happy and healthy in old age.

There are different definitions for old age, but the consensus is that we can consider people over 60 or 65 as old. The most important and common disorders of this period, apart from physical illnesses, are forgetfulness, loss of concentration, and learning. According to the National Institute of Health: “Depression, cognitive impairment and fear” are disorders that are the root of many annoying behaviours in the elderly. But according to experts and psychologists, activities can do simple things to eliminate these three common disorders. There are minor but useful steps that make a passive and sometimes grumpy older adult in our home an active and patient person. This article provides tips for young people to help the elderly enjoy the rest of their lives. Also, these tips can make people over 65 happy.


Many older people get sick and depressed because they can no longer work and be useful. Because of this, they feel useless, incompetent, and overwhelmed. Doing light things will make them feel better. So try to do small things for the elderly around you. Grandparents who care for their grandchildren mostly feel better about themselves and those around them for a short time. Various studies have shown that creating a strong sense of purpose for the elderly can have beneficial effects. That makes them happy and healthy in their old age. 

Recreation and Sports

older adults in a yoga class. Happiness and health for seniors in yoga class

One of the causes of depression in old age is physical and motor weakness. If you can get the elderly around you to exercise and exercise, even a little, you will make them feel healthier and more vibrant. Light exercise, such as walking, recreation, and leisure, is the best thing to do. Family cycles also make your older family member feel more focused and in a better mood. In short, do not leave your older adult alone; Loneliness is the biggest enemy of the seniors. For learning about more senior-friendly exercises, click here.


Older people who read books or newspapers regularly and more seniors looking to learn new skills through adulthood usually have a better sense of life. Read a book or newspaper to an older person, ask for their opinion on current issues, teach them new skills, and encourage them to learn new things. What’s wrong with an older person knowing and using cyberspace and social media? You can encourage them to register on different social media to communicate with their peers or be aware of the trends that are going around. 

 What about learning a language? Please read this article: can a 70-year old learn a new language?

No Pity

a grandmother hugs her grandson with smile. Happiness in old age

The elderly, with all the complicated and different conditions they may have, do not need the pity of those who are living beside them. Compassion inflicts irreparable wounds on their souls and psyches and makes them feel that they have disturbed the lives of those around them and feel incompetent. Instead of feeling pity for him, love him. Relatives, friends, family, and grandchildren can completely change an older’s mood through a constant and loving relationship, chatting, and consulting. We do not have to visit them every day, and it is enough to call them regularly and ask how they are to show that we have not forgotten them. For Tips about the relation of the new generation with older adults, Click here.

Approval, Encouragement, and Respect

Children are not always supposed to get approval from adults. Sometimes adults need to hear from others what useful things they have done, what good children they have raised, what good food has cooked, and what good suggestions they have made. These constant reminders and appreciations help them to value and love themselves.  How to help seniors feel Useful and Happy?

Taking Care of Their look and Appearance

an old lady dressed stylish with pink hair and red sunglasses.she is very happy

Old age does not mean that the person should ignore his/her appearance. Looking good also increases their self-confidence. If they cannot take care of their look, you can help them by buying different creams and tools. You can also encourage them to wear new clothes to feel as fresh as their younger years. 

Take them to the barber or hairdresser. A haircut can also change their appearance. If they like, you can colour their hair to remove the white colour of their hair. Many seniors have smoked during their younger years, and this has left stains on their teeth. You can consult with your dentist and have him whiten their teeth. That will also create a healthy and happy old age for them.

Learn and Consult

The ancients have a lot to say to us, both in experience and individual, family, and social skills. Our art is to listen to them and learn new things. It makes them feel that their presence is important and influential to us. Learning to worry about cooking, baking, pickling, or learning skills such as managing a family, managing household chores, repairing things, or listening to repetitive memories and listening to their poetry and storytelling gives them a pleasant sense of usefulness.

Please encourage them to start learning a new skill like music or language. Various studies have shown that changing the usual patterns of routine life can increase memory power. You can buy them different cooking books to entice them to start cooking again. 

Treatment of Mental Illness in the Elderly

Treatment of mental illness in the elderly is a serious matter to consider. You shouldn’t ignore mental illnesses by saying, “it is old age and a thousand defects and illness are normal.” Silence, isolation, talkativeness and restlessness, insomnia and sleep deprivation, feelings of sadness, hopelessness, fear of the future, talking to oneself, claiming to hear voices from around, and behaviours like these are severe warnings.

If left unchecked, symptoms can be frustrating for both the old adults and those around them. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a senior family member to a counsellor, psychologist, or psychoanalyst to talk to a specialist about their mental illness and suffering and take steps to treat it. Sometimes it is best to be in group therapy, to be with peers who, under the supervision of a psychotherapist, talk about their past, sufferings, future, and fears.

Please Pay Attention to Their Diet

grandmother and granddaughter cutting vegetables for healthy food. Happy senior

Seniors need a well-balanced diet that suits their physical needs. Although their body has undergone various changes, mealtimes are still enjoyable to them. Never let them have their meals alone. Gatherings for meals can help them enjoy your company. If they are using high-fibre meals, encourage them to drink plenty of water. Water not only increases their metabolism but also helps them have healthy skin. Their diet should be high in fibre and lean protein. It is necessary to fill their diet with some supplements such as magnesium and calcium to enable them to have better skin and bone health. 

Celebrate Them

The elderly are more likely to attend others’ funerals, and it can make them sad because they might imagine that day for themselves. They consider their life as very short, and it is necessary to help them have good moments in the remaining years of their experience. They are interested in celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and all new beginnings like birthdays. So you can make them happier by having a celebration party for themselves. You can invite them to your home or take them to a restaurant and celebrate their presence. That can be very valuable to them and helps them have the best moments. Being celebrated by those people living around can be very exciting for them.  Here are some life lessons we can learn from our elderly? 

Understanding the Condition of Ageing

holding a young and an old hand

After all, ageing is coming for all of us. When we have gone through suffering and with a bag full of bitter and sweet experiences, we expect others to understand us and understand the fatigue caused by all these years of effort, empathize with us, and not forget us. So now we have to do the same with the elderly around us. Please do not be ashamed to be with them. Tolerate their talkativeness, objections, and strange behaviours. Remember that behind all these behaviours that sometimes offend us is a long life that may have been full of pain and suffering. Please do not remove the elderly from our lives.

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Luren Martins
Luren Martins
4 months ago

As an old man, I really appreciate this helpful article. I believe we can have a job until our bodies allow us! It means if I have an ideal body situation, why should I stay at home for long years! So I think we can choose low-responsibility jobs, earn a little money, and keep our minds and bodies active. Or we can do some relaxing activities like gardening. I think nothing is fun more than playing with flowers and soil. Also spending time with friends and family is the other option for us! in total, we shouldn’t run away from normal life after we enter to 60’s decade. 

4 months ago

From my experience of living with my grandma for eight years and seeing her friends almost every day, one thing I know that makes seniors happy (and probably people of all ages) is when they feel needed. Asking them for advice is a good way, and most of the time they can give you excellent advice. 

4 months ago

My grandma lived with us until her death. As far as I remember, showing my respect to her was as important as considering her special health condition (diabetes and heart disease). I think both the mental and physical health of seniors is critical.

2 months ago

My mom loves playing board games and video games, and because of that, she spent more time with my kids than with me. Which is a good thing because I genuinely believe that spending time with grandparents help kids grow emotionally. She also enjoys nature walks, and no matter how busy my schedule gets, I always make time for that.