Smart Home Technologies that Help Seniors

As you know, all the technologies created are implemented for purposes and plans. Still, sometimes after implementation, we realize a wide range of applications and uses they can have. It is safe to say that perhaps when the first ideas of smart home construction came to mind, no one would have thought that this technology would be so useful.

On the other hand, Those who live in a nursing home feel being abandoned by children. Of course, we give them the right to be disappointed in their children. If we look at the issue from the opposite perspective, we should give our children the right. In today’s life, we have to have money to love our loved ones, and we have to work to earn money that there is no time left to take care of elderly family members.

Smart Homes Advantage for the Elderly

Advances in smart homes have made homes safer and automated many of the daily tasks. But it is good to know that these gadgets and tools do not make the house like a cage for the elderly and create various freedoms.

One of the most prominent benefits of a smart home is that instead of doing many things manually, they can automatically be done thanks to technology. This advantage works like a miracle for the elderly or those who may fall to the ground while walking or cannot properly move. Seniors can turn the lights on or off, open or close the doors. They can adjust the room temperature just by touching the phone or tablet screen without moving. Also, with age, the eye receives less light from the environment.

When an older adult walks from one room to another one, it may take a minute for their eyes to adjust to the ambient light, which is enough to fall. Automatic or remote controlling of the lights significantly reduces the risk of falling and the loved ones’ accidental death.

This article will delve into some of the convincing technologies designed for smart homes to help the elderly have a better life quality.

Unique Phones for Seniors

Various models are specially designed for the elderly. These phones have louder voices, and also the digits and words shown on the screen are bigger so that the elderly can better hear and see the sound and the words. 

Smart Doorbells

The elderly may not be able to properly walk and go to the door to see who is at the door. The new systems of smart doorbells turn the TV screen on when someone knocks at the door and shows the person’s live picture at the door. It enables them to use the remote control of the TV to open the door. 

PERS System

By installing PERS, the family will be at ease, and the elderly can easily access them or friends in an emergency. Older models with a pendant with a large button attached to a telephone line have begun to be replaced by more advanced models with features such as automatic crash detection and internet connection.

Smoke Detector

Photo of a smoke detector in a smart home  .Fire alarm will be triggered.

Installing an intelligent smoke detection system increases safety in the home, which gives you an early fire alarm.

Intelligent Leak Detection

Water can leak from many sources and pipes or household appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. When a water leak alarm system is installed in your home, the water leak’s main source will be turned off, and the system will alert you.

Intelligent Lighting

Installing an intelligent lighting control system in the home increases safety and security in the house. Smart sensors can automatically turn on the lights when entering a room and turn off when leaving. So the lights will not stay on for a few hours at a time, and your monthly electricity bill will be reduced.

ADL System

ADL system enables the family members to monitor all vital information of the elderly such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc., remotely. This system has an alarming function which informs you about critical conditions.

Smart IP Cameras

Some of the seniors may not leave their homes and enjoy the surrounding places’ views. Installing IP cameras will enable them to see their yard and places in front of their house to have a sense of walking around those areas. 

Wearable Devices

Most people think of wearable devices as tools for the younger generations. And there are groups of people who consider wearable devices as fashion items. However, it should be noted that these devices are among the necessities for old age. The elderly can use them to track their activities, and they could provide them with the motivation to increase their physical activity to have a healthy life. It should be noted that these devices can remind the elderly about the time of taking their drugs. 

Music Systems

A senior woman is listening to music in her smart home

Relaxation and peace of mind are the only things the elderly need. Although expensive, music systems can wake the elderly up with a soothing sound and play different tunes based on their mood to enhance their happiness. Some advanced music systems can be programmed to broadcast the news from favorite radio stations at specific times. Wants to know more about it, read this article, “The Role of Music in the Health of Seniors.”

Blood Glucose Monitoring

One of the most well-known smart devices for smart homes of the elderly is the glucose meter. These meters can be synced with apps to track and record any changes in blood glucose level. 

Smart Locks

Senior Man uses his smartphone with smarthome security app to unlock the door of his house.

Different types of smart locks can be operated by setting a password, your fingerprint, or even using a card. You no longer need to use the key. So theft and burglary will be limited because the smart locks assure you that you can relax in your home with peace of mind and not have to worry about theft at home or work. Smart locks are much easier to use than older locks.

Forgetfulness is one of the main issues occurring during old age. The elderly might forget the keys at home, and the door is locked. The smart lock enables them to open the door with their fingerprint.

Automated Thermostats

A senior woman is Checking her smart house on an application in her smartphone .

The elderly are in a state that is prone to catch a cold due to sudden temperature changes. Using automated thermostats enable them to conveniently sit at their chair and change the temperature of the house. These systems can also change the temperature automatically based on the surrounding temperature. They no longer need to get out of their bed during the night to adjust the temperature. 

Smart Ovens

Fire is one of the dangers that threaten the houses in which the elderly are living. You can add various tools to your existing oven to make them smart. There are also smart ovens that can automatically cook the food or turn off the stove if it is forgotten. 


We all forget various things in our daily life. The frequency of forgetting increases as we grow older. There are smart reminders that can remind multiple items, such as taking the medications or appointments. The best feature of the existing smart reminders available in the market is that they can be programmed in any language so the elderly can easily use them in their everyday life. 

Smart TV

The emergence of smart TVs provides an opportunity to be more amused with the TV. In the past, the programs were limited only to the ones broadcasted by TV stations. Smart TVs enables the elderly to amuse themselves with their favorite programs through Netflix or YouTube. Some programs the elderly want to watch to remember their younger years, and YouTube are the best sources to search for any program.

A senior asian woman is touching control panel of display on smart refrigerator.

A smart home is the best solution for the elderly to live a quality life during the later years. Smart homes can cater to the needs of the elderly and be the best place to enjoy the senior years.

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Mark Watney
Mark Watney
6 months ago

I think smart technology is amazing for our lives, especially for seniors. because we can do everything we like without help. also, we need to learn technology, so it’s a good tactic to stay away from forgetting and Alzheimer’s. I suggest teaching new technologies to seniors.

Reply to  Mark Watney
1 day ago

Hi Mark. My grandfather used to tell me, “I feel like I’ve been a burden for you all ever since I turned 70.” I want to say that, while using tech to take care of your personal tasks on your own is great, I also think that being a human is not about being helpful to people around us, and no one should also treat older people like they’re some worn-out tool either. That aside, I believe anything that can help us, including seniors, is, in any way is a welcome thing. And teaching new tech to older adults is an excellent way of not labelling them with stereotypes such as “old people can’t adapt to new technology or change.”

6 months ago

How can I get more information about ADL systems? are they safe?

6 months ago

I’ve been taking care of my father for years now. We recently bought a new TV that lets him watch Netflix and YouTube. I can say how much he loves it just by the look on his face. With these Smart TVs, he can watch anything he wants by pressing one button. I think it’s the best thing to get a retiree at home.

9 days ago

Due to the pandemic, the whole family was not able to see the granny. So, we bought her a smartphone so that she could see us through video calls. At first, she resisted because she thought she could not learn how to work with it. But now, she can not live without it. It’s funny, but she even opened an IG account.