10 Effective Medication Reminders for the Elderly

Not that long ago, humans dreamed of robot butlers that could help with house chores or take care of their health so they could lead a more independent life. But it seemed like such an idle dream back then. As it turns out, they were on to something because, in 2023, we have numerous apps and gadgets just to remind us to take our Best Medicine Reminder!
When there are many pills, remembering the right time to take them can be challenging. That is why some brilliant mind put their heads together and came up with all types of pill organizers and medication reminders.
Since forgetting to take your medicine is harmful and dangerous, using these products seems like a must. But choosing between hundreds of products and apps will not be an easy task, so we did our research and listed the best for you below:

What Is the Best Medicine Reminder?

Generally speaking, there are a variety of systems and tools available to help you take your medications as prescribed and on schedule. Following are some important types of products you should know about:

Pill Organizers

Best Medicine Reminder

Pillboxes or pill organizers are a kind of box used for storing medications and pills. They come in weekly or monthly models with small compartments for the pills and medication you need to take each day. Some other models might also have corresponding slots for each specific time of the day.

These boxes and organizers especially help senior citizens who have memory problems. When taking medications, one of the most difficult things is remembering whether you took the pill or not. These boxes have a simple system for solving this problem (Slot empty, the pill taken. Slot full, the pill is still not taken).

There are also electronic models of these pill organizers that alert patients and seniors to take their daily dose of medication.

Pill Dispensers

Pill dispensers are reminders that work very similarly to pill organizers. Sometimes, these two even fall under the same category, considered as pill reminders.

Their main difference is that a pill dispenser automatically releases a pre-measured dose into a small compartment. After releasing the pill, it sets off a sound to let the patient know it is time for medication. In some models, the pill dispenser will signal a monitoring station when the patient fails to remove the medication so that someone can contact the patient, their family, or their caregiver.


Alarm Medication Reminders

The medication alarm is a device similar to an alarm clock that lets you set reminders for your daily medication. Usually, these devices notify you of what medication and in what dosage you need to take each time. These alarms are one of the smart home technologies that help seniors take care of their health.


We can say that mobile apps are now the most advanced medication reminders. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. A device that can manage your medication intake and track your health state fulfills a part of the caregiver’s responsibilities for taking care of the elderly. As a result, a smartphone can help seniors who live alone or do not need the company of a caregiver or anyone else.

Best Medication Reminder App (Free)

Medication management with mobile apps is a benefit that clearly shows the necessity of having a smartphone for seniors. Over the years, many companies published similar apps for this function to help seniors and patients. So choosing the best app among them may be difficult. To solve that problem, we have gathered the best medication reminder apps that are free to download and use.

1- Silvers Pill Reminder: Medicine Alarm

Pill Reminder is specially designed for seniors; effortless to use and available to program and reprogram for the elderly. You can schedule your pills with your meals. The app will also allow you to take pictures of your meds, tablets, capsules, drops, solutions, and injections.
Do you take your tablets before lunch? Do you take your drops at night? The Medication Tracker will help older adults stay on track and take all their meds with the precise dosage on time. With the help of this user-friendly alarm, You will never skip another med.
Available on: Android

2- Medisafe

Best Medicine Reminder

There are many pill reminder apps you can use. But at the moment, Medisafe is considered the best pill reminder alarm app overall. This app is popular because of its user-friendly interface. The app’s design is very straightforward, making it very convenient for all seniors to use.

All seniors need to do is enter the times for taking their medication, and from then on, the app will send them reminders when the time comes. The app also includes refill reminders since it tracks the user’s prescriptions.

Offering online pharmacy services, which makes getting your needed medications more convenient, is also one of the reasons why this app is so popular.

An exciting feature of this app is something called Medfriend. This feature lets you sync your account with a friend or a family member who also uses Medisafe. When you miss several notifications and reminders, the app automatically assumes that you have not taken your pills and notifies your Medfriend.

Available on: Android, iOS

3- Mango Health

Best Medicine Reminder

Mango Health is another app that lets you set reminders for your medication. You can also set goals for yourself and track habits to have a healthier lifestyle. For example, you can determine how much water you want to drink or how often you need to check your blood pressure and other vital signs.

The app is a Best Medicine Reminder and when you accomplish your goals or keep up with healthy habits. In a way, it encourages you to pay attention to your health with a fun approach.

Available on: Android, iOS

4- RoundHealth

Some may argue that RoundHealth is the best pill reminder app for iPhone. Users of this app can set reminders not only for medication but also for vitamins and supplements. It will be easy for seniors to enter their medicines and set reminders because the app has a simple design.
You can also enter the number of pills you have left. The app will alert you when your remaining pills are out of stock. In advance, you can be informed and prevent any problems that running out of medications may cause.

Available on: iOS

5- MyTherapy

Apart from being one of the best medication reminder alarms for the elderly, MyTherapy offers many other useful features for patients and seniors.

MyTherapy allows you to set up reminders for your medications so that you never forget a dose. It also keeps track of your mood and well-being or reminds you to measure your vital signs and exercise.

One important feature of this app is that it allows you to log your symptoms and suggestions for treatment. You can access visual health reports and health overview charts, which can be beneficial during doctor appointments.

The role of the nurses in taking care of the elderly also includes healthcare and medication management. So if you are a senior who lives alone without a nurse, using MyTherapy is beneficial for you.

Available on: Android, iOS

6- Groove Health

Best Medicine Reminder

Another free pill reminder app lets you keep your medication intake under control every day, but that is not all. Groove Health gives you information about your medications, helps you prevent taking improper medication, and gives you diet and health tips to ensure your safety.

What makes Groove Health Unique is its virtual assistant, Maxwell. You can ask Maxwell any questions about your medication or health to better understand what you are taking.

Available on: Android, iOS

7- TakeYourPills

TakeYourPills tells you when to take your pills, but it takes its services beyond a simple reminder with other important features.

You can create more than one profile on the app, so while taking care of your medication reminders, you can also manage the medication of loved ones and family members. You can set up any schedule for your medicine, whether for one-time pills or recurring alarms.

The medicine tracker logbook in the app helps you remember the necessary information for each medication. Furthermore, it can send you overdose alarms so you don’t put yourself in danger by exceeding the dosage limits.

Available on: Android

8- Express Scripts

Express Scripts is not only a pill reminder app but also an online pharmacy. If your health insurance has an Express Scripts benefit plan, you will be able to order refills on the app.

Additionally, you will track your prescription order to know when the refill will arrive. Also, you can set refill reminders to prevent running out of medication when taking them is necessary.

Available on: Android, iOS

9- CareClinic

Best Medicine Reminder

CareClinic also falls into the category of more of a self-care app than just a medication reminder. Whatever counts as a factor in your health, you can track it with this app. Medication, mood, food, vital signs, and physical activities are all manageable with this app.

The app also has a health diary feature that lets you keep track of your pain and symptoms. The medication library provides information about your medications, and the food and drink section can help you monitor your calorie intake.

Available on: Android, iOS

10- Sprout Care

If you want an app that has all the needed features, you can try Sprout Care. Like all reminder apps, it tells you when to take your medication, but it does not stop there.

Sprout Care lets you keep a record of your symptoms and the data for measuring your vital signs.

Besides, you can download a PDF of your health report and share it with your healthcare provider. Apart from the report, you can record your appointments and questions you would want to ask your doctor in your upcoming appointments, making doctor’s visits ten times more effective.

Available on: iOS

Final Words

Medication is only effective when you take it on time. We often forget to take our pills, which results in delays in our health improvement. That is why choosing the best pill reminder app is necessary. This way, the elderly can let pill reminders manage their medication and put the mental burden of it out of their head. 

Source Healthline Asbestos Medicare
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2 years ago

Groove Health seems fantastic. Is it free? or do they give tips and assistance to premium users?

2 years ago

I’ve been using MyTherapy for about a year now. It’s one of the best apps on my phone, and it has helped me so much with my medication and health.

Reply to  David
2 years ago

I agreed with this app

Last edited 2 years ago by carl
2 years ago

I can personally vouch for using a pill organizer. I have just a plain, 1-week pill organizer, which is made up of 7 small plastic boxes or slots, in which you can place every pill you’re needed to take per day in each individual slot.
I most often miss a dose if my routine is changed.
I definitely recommend visiting your local pharmacy to purchase a pill organizer, or many are available on retail websites as well, such as Amazon…

2 years ago

Is Google Calendar a good reminder system for taking pills?
I need something that records the side effects of medications if any. Something with a lot of inputs to pinpoint the physical and psychological issues that may be an after-effect of taking my pills.
I have no official diagnosis of any mental health state. But, given our personally and professionally intertwined and hectic lives, it is wise to be mindful of how we feel….