Top 10 Series Recommendations for the Elderly

These days entertainment companies tend to produce programs for special genders or age groups. Netflix, Amazon or other companies are invested in seniors recently. Because in this age group people almost have a special situation and don’t have enough temper for watching violent series or some movies with the river of the blood! Also, some of these TV shows are so great for seniors who deal with Alzheimer‘s disease. Besides, they need to relax and laugh, and TV shows, TV series, or films provide the best moments for seniors.

Furthermore, if you are interested in discovering how the elderly can be entertained, here are some TV shows and movies produced by Netflix, Amazon, and others to help you.

1. The Great British Baking Show

Individuals of all ages will enjoy the baking challenge. It has just the right amount of suspense as you wonder whose sweets or savoury creations will be successful and who won’t. There are also a few famous dishes in the United States, but maybe another nationality is unfamiliar. Then you can learn about new cultures over your opponents. Additionally, during the baking process, contestants and judges exchange their advice.

Unlike American cooking contests, the contestants are friendly with one another. They seem genuinely sad when one of their peers is disqualified from the program, which adds to the appeal of The Great British Baking Show. This culinary competition has multiple seasons available on Netflix. Each season consists of ten episodes that concentrate on various baking challenges ranging from pastry to pudding. Each episode is about an hour long. There are also several holiday specials on the show.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 89%

The Great British Baking Show (2010) on IMDb

2. Our Planet

Are you interested in physics yet? So our planet series provide an astonishing scene for you. This show takes a closer look at science on a fundamental level until everyone can understand physics complex concepts.

Our planet is a famous documentary series produced by Netflix and has 2 Emmy awards for the providers. Season 1 focuses on a different form of the landscape from around the world in each chapter. Seniors can appreciate learning about nature and seeing the diverse species from around the world.

The documentary includes stunning footage of real-life wildlife encounters. This series is action-packed and educational, thanks to the excellent narration.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 93%

Our Planet (2019) on IMDb

3. Jeopardy

Who doesn’t like a good game of Jeopardy? The game show has been running for decades and has established itself as a classic. Seniors will put their skills to the test when listening to Alex Trebek’s familiar voice. They could even pick up some fun trivia while watching the contestants compete for cash prizes. Although Netflix does not have every episode of Jeopardy, it does have enough to satisfy your game-show cravings. It’s a perfect show to keep seniors occupied during short periods of downtime since each episode is only 20 minutes long.

Jeopardy! (1984) on IMDb

4. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie film about two senior women who become friends after their husbands declare their love for each other. Their relationship, however, isn’t always straightforward. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star in the comedy, which makes viewers laugh season after season. Netflix produces this show, which is a fantastic family comedy.

There are currently six seasons available to stream on Netflix, with the seventh season in the works. Each episode lasts between 35 and 40 minutes. As you know, laughing is the key to maintain the mental health of seniors.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 88%

Grace and Frankie (2015) on IMDb

5. The Crown

If you are a fan of British historical series, don’t lose watching the Crown TV series. The Crown shows Queen Elizabeth’s life from the 1940s to the present day. It’s based on The Audience, a Tony Award-winning play.

Seniors will relieve some of the Queen’s major events, political turmoil, and decisions throughout her reign. This show also has much drama since it discusses the Queen’s intimate relationships with those closest to her. The Royal Family’s inner workings can astound you. Netflix is currently streaming three seasons of the show, with plans to produce more. Each episode lasts about an hour and a half.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 90%

The Crown (2016) on IMDb

6. the World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

All fantasize about their ideal home. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes display features incredible homes from all over the world. These homes’ stunning architecture and meticulous attention to detail can catch a senior’s imagination and fancy. These structures are unusual, and they may even give you some design ideas for your own house.

This show has many seasons on Netflix, and each episode lasts about an hour. Take a journey around the world to see some of the fascinating houses you’ve ever visited. Additionally, the list of virtual museum tours in the world can be a good choice for you because you can watch excellent museums all over the world only with your smartphone.

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes (2017) on IMDb

7. The Final Table

Are you looking for a new show to watch? Netflix’s The Final Table is an original series. This show is a culinary competition that takes place all over the world. Chefs participate in pairs in the preliminary rounds of the competition to produce culinary masterpieces worldwide. As the match progresses, chefs compete individually until only one winner remains.

The fast-paced competition and delicate creations can appeal to seniors. Unlike the Great British Baking Show, the Final Table focuses on fine dining and recreating classic foreign dishes. One season of the show is currently available to watch on Netflix. Each hour-long episode focuses on a different country.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 38%

The Final Table (2018) on IMDb

8. The Good Place

Another Netflix comedy is The Good Place. Seniors can binge-watch the entire series on the streaming service, which has all seasons of this amusing and lighthearted show. The story revolves around a woman who arrives in the afterlife and isn’t quite at ease in her new surroundings. Kristen Bell’s excellent acting performance and clean humour will appeal to seniors.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 97%

The Good Place (2016) on IMDb

9. The Toys That Made Us

Are you a fan of nostalgic things? Or collect something when you are younger? The Toys that Made Us, a Netflix original series, will transport you back in time. Seniors may remember some of the toys they used to play with or bought for their children to play with. The show is available on Netflix in three seasons, with episodes lasting about 45 minutes each. Every episode is dedicated to a different iconic toy. There’s also a version of this show called The Movies that made us, which seniors can enjoy as well.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 100%

The Toys That Made Us (2017) on IMDb

10. Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is an excellent drama that senior citizens can become addicted to. Fortunately, Netflix has all eight seasons of this show. The show is set in East End in the 1950s. The story revolves around a midwife working in a nursing convent. Seniors would make associations with characters as they follow the plot, and it soon became a beloved BBC production.

Each episode lasts approximately an hour. Many other shows and movies are available on Netflix that seniors can enjoy as well. It’s easier than ever to read, laugh, or pass the time with today’s technology.

Rotten Tomatoes Rate: 89%

Call the Midwife (2012) on IMDb


The golden girls, I love Lucy, the cool kids are another famous TV series that suit seniors. Also, Downtown Abbey is another breathtaking TV series which made so professional, and you can enjoy watching it.

Julian Fellowes produced and co-wrote Downtown Abbey, a British historical drama television series set in the early twentieth century. The story was about the aristocratic crawly family and their servants who live in Yorkshire between 1912 and 1926, with significant events affecting their lives and the British social structure. Sinking the Titanic ship, World War I, the Spanish influenza pandemic and the Marconi scandal are depicted in the second series.

You can watch many historical events in this TV series. We can put many TV shows or series on this list, but you can develop it as you desired. Besides, we provide a list of top hobbies for seniors; you can find your favourite from this list.

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Joshua K
Joshua K
7 months ago

Oh my God! The Good Place is an amazing show. It’s so hilarious and full of surprises. I watched it with my mom at the beginning of the lockdown. we had the best time for a whole month! My favourite character is Michael. I don’t wanna spoil the show, but if you like a neat comedy and of course, moral philosophy! The Good Place is something you have to watch.

4 months ago

I’m watching Criminal Minds; it’s great if you like criminology. The characters are well written and well played; the show is long enough for a whole year. But again, IF you like criminology, it’s a beautiful show; otherwise, you might find it scary or rough. 

4 months ago

The Great British Baking Show is probably the only baking show I enjoy watching. It’s so fun and exciting. I have watched every single episode, and I liked them all.

3 months ago

I’m glad you mentioned Golden Girls, even if it is not on the list. I feel like it can be the perfect choice for seniors since the atmosphere is nostalgic, but at the same time, you can still relate to the characters and dialogues after so many years. It’s probably the best sitcom for seniors.

2 months ago

Our planet is a really great series. My grandson and I love it, and watching this documentary is a common favourite hobby between us. I think such a series can encourage him to more care about the environment.

1 day ago

The Crown is absolutely brilliant. They successfully blended fiction and history to make an arresting series.
I loved every season of The Crown, but the first two were my favorite.
The show is clever in establishing each episode on England political highlight, I couldn’t care less about the British monarchy before the Crown, but after watching, I was intrigued by the scandalous nature of the storylines that were based on real events!
The show’s decision to replace the actors in their different stages of life feeds us with fabulous acting from the industry’s best.
Thank you Netflix, I must say!

1 day ago

Oh the crown……There is a unique art to this Netflix series.
The most fantastic show I have ever watched, the cinematography, acting, music, dialogues, everything in it is just spectacular.
I’ve learned a great deal about the royal family and lives, events, and politics in the UK during the 1950s and ’70s too!
Whether the story is based on facts or fiction, it puts extra interest in reading more and understanding the Queen’s strong character or the rebellious Princess and her love affair with Peter Townsend… things that I would’ve never cared for before.
I’m currently watching season two, and so far, AWESOME!

1 day ago

There has never been a show like The Good Place before.
It’s magical, profound, joyful.
The cast is superb, the writing is clever enough to be poignant and profound, yet feel effortless, and every new episode leaves me with an overwhelming urge to do something – anything…
For me, what makes it remarkable is the constant battle within ourselves to decide whether what we do is right or wrong or even worth it; then comes this show and informs us that the struggle continues and is tangible even in the afterlife.
There is no better show on television or anywhere else…

1 day ago

The Good Place was recommended by a close friend whose opinion I trusted; We are not friends anymore.
This show is as bland as a communion wafer.
Maybe it isn’t a tv show but rather a radio play. I heard maybe 80% of the show but watched less than 20%. Low-quality comedy with an overreliance on sexual innuendo.
The writing is dull and stupid to the point of being offensive.
The acting is so hammy, and the script is so cheesy that you could shut the show down and open a deli.
One out of five, and I’m being kind!!

1 day ago

Grace & Frankie is a lot of fun, especially for folks my age! It helps us laugh at ourselves.
Almost like a female version of Odd Couple.
I just LOVE it through & through. The cast, twists…
It makes me feel many emotions, and it boosts my spirit. I’ve been a fan since episode 1. I love the evolution and dynamics of cast members, and I believe the writers have done and will continue to do an Excellent job.
The colours, warmth & comedic effortlessness are something that I have not seen in a show in years.

Last edited 1 day ago by Teresa
1 day ago

Call The Midwife is a spectacular Show! High score for down-to-earth problems and community strength to help growing families. The characters bring this show to life in such a lovely way….
I am becoming a more caring and empathetic person from watching the stories unfold. 
I have spent my whole career working with families; the care and devotion that the midwives show to their patients are very familiar to me. 
It also makes me grateful that I didn’t have to live in those times; as I watch some of the moms die or lose babies, I realize how far medical science has come!!

1 day ago

I have genuinely enjoyed The Final Table. Definitely a level up from the Masterchef Kitchen Show.
It is rare to find a competition on TV that encourages values like respect, humility, discipline and positive reinforcement from the opponents, hosts and judges alike.
It is a breath of fresh air to see what being a chef is really like, with no air of being better than the other, basically now downsizing anyone, no discrimination and no vulgar expressions.
The set and camera work are also really good, cinematic even.
It keeps you wanting more.

1 day ago

When Alex was hosting this show, it was a top rating for me; however, it is being taken down to extreme lows.
The current host has an “it’s all about me” attitude. Bialik does not bring the humility as Alex did on this show, which was paramount for him.
I have absolutely no desire to sit through 30 minutes of a liberal boring host emceeing the show. I fear Jeopardy is on its way out.
I’m not looking forward to the upcoming host choices.