How to Easily Become a Blogger: Blogging Tips for the Elderly

It’s not difficult to become a blogger; the tricky part is remaining a blogger since you need to maintain your profile as one.

But how?

You can try a few things that others are not doing. The more unique your profile looks, the more engagement you will receive from the audience.

Now let’s get a bit serious. Do not, whatever you do, wait to get started. The longer you put it off, the further it gets from you.

You can check out this YouTube video for some of the most important blogging tips from Carly the Prepster.

There is nothing to hide here; some older adults feel that they will not master the technology involved with blogging. Others are concerned about whether anyone wants to read about their passions.

But let’s analyze this fear from a technology perspective:

It’s never been more straightforward to start a blog. Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic online and are present in social media in terms of audience. If anything, now is the ideal time to be an older blogger.

And about the passion part: 

When you first begin blogging, you will hear about picking a niche. Your niche contains both the subject of your blog and the audience you are trying to reach. Therefore, choosing a subject that you’re passionate about is crucial when picking a niche.

Five Steps of Becoming A Blogger

Below are the steps you need to take to become a senior blogger. Read the steps carefully and try to use the tips to your benefit.

Step 1

Few types of subjects are always trending:

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Tech

Choose your right category, and success will automatically and gradually come to you! The thing is that your content will become dry and dull very quickly if you’re not personally interested in it. Your readers will notice if your heart is not in it. Remember, your writing needs to give off a sense of expertise and enthusiasm to capture people’s attention.

To have a successful blog, you need to be writing regularly, at least once a week, so you must be highly involved with that subject.

Blogger woman recording cooking steps on smartphone at kitchen

Step 2

Passion and enthusiasm will not suffice. It would help if you had the tools to make this work.

A Digital Camera or a Quality Smartphone

They would help add visual appeal to your blog. A real digital camera can take pictures with higher resolution. Still, most quality smartphones are good enough to make this work.

Text Review and Check

Subscribe to writing assistant websites like Grammarly and check your grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. How you write for the target audience is beyond important.

Many tools can help you with rephrasing sentences or even complete texts. Wordtune is one of the best.

Snipping Tools

Snipping tools applications allow you to clip, save, store, and categorize all kinds of media from the internet quickly, from photographs to news clippings. You can archive this content on your blog.

Step 3

Choose a blogging platform. Now this one is pretty important. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress since it gives you complete control over the blog.

And there are a lot of themes to choose from, so you can give your blog any look you like. Also, it is possible to set up whatever kinds of ads and monetization you need.

Step 4

It is important to choose somewhere to host your site. Depending on how much storage space you expect to need, you can pay for hosting monthly.

Step 5

It’s best to write a few blog articles ahead. Some days, it is easy to write; other days, it can be more challenging to find the time and inspiration. So this is an excellent way to set up some insurance for yourself to maintain a steady flow of updates for your blog ahead of schedule.

Now, why would you go to this length? Why are you blogging, and what’s the endgame?

Why Should Seniors Become Bloggers?

Here are the benefits of blogging to convince you why you should try this exciting activity.

Develop Valuable Skills

Blogging will help you develop valuable skills. The first is writing. The more you write, the more you’ll find yourself organizing your thoughts and developing an engaging story.

Make Money

Many people make money from blogging – directly or indirectly. There is a wide range of earnings, depending on several factors, including how much traffic your site gets and how you market it.

Some people earn thousands each month from a single blog. It needs a lot of commitment and hard work, though.

For this, you need to choose a niche with some profit potential.

Many people are also interested in a niche that gets a few hundred monthly searches to ensure some traffic for your website.

Establish Authority

A high-quality blog is a perfect way to establish yourself as an expert with authority in your field of interest. This is particularly important if you run a business. A blog gives your name more recognition, and it can help you find more clients and connections.

Senior man sitting at a table and blogging with his laptop in the garden

The Bottom Line

Blogging might not be as simple as it sounds. It is also not a fast path to fame and fortune. You will probably be writing for your kids and friends for the first few months. The important thing is to keep it going.

You should know that a successful blog will take time and commitment. Still, it can be gratifying and profitable, and if you’re ready to put in a little work, you might gain more out of this experience than you expect.

Blogging also promotes good mental health by acting as a stress-coping mechanism and sharpening cognitive ability for seniors. Put your best effort into taking a hobby or interest and making a blog about it.

Source Fanwer Easy Blogging Success
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2 years ago

I’m speaking from my own experience here, the best way to become a professional blogger in any field is to grasp the art of selling but not sounding like a sales guy while pitching your products (be it your own products, writings or services). Any content you put out there is actually a product you are trying to sell, and it’s not about money. It’s about buying people’s attention. Selling is certainly one of the most desired blogging skills you can acquire as a new blogger.
Remember Jordan Belfort’s line in wolf of wall street? “Sell me this pen!?”

Reply to  Lucas
2 years ago

But still, some bloggers don’t care about money and don’t want to sell anything or buy people’s attention. Their decency makes me feel good about their product and outcome.

Reply to  Hall
2 years ago

I find it interesting and a bit sad that you link the concept of nonprofit writing with decency! 
I mean, you can still be honourable and decent while making money out of the time you put in your writing and efforts. I don’t know where you live, but where I live, it’s not cheap to survive! 
Blogging requires looooots of commitments and energy; I think it’s nice to make money out of these things! 
Not even Instagram users do it for free these days.

2 years ago

Oh God, this takes me back a few years…I had my own blog a few years ago, and I loved it.
I got lazy after joining Instagram, though; now I just post there…I used to read my comments with such joy!
It is pretty easy to be a blogger if you enjoy writing. More importantly, if you like sharing your thoughts with the world, then there is nothing better than being a blogger.
People are sharing their thoughts on Twitter and the pictures on Instagram nowadays, which is fine, but it will get lost and buried in the end.

2 years ago

I want to become a food blogger, and I think smartphones are not as good as cameras. Which digital camera do you suggest?

Reply to  Willard
2 years ago

As a person who likes to become a blogger, especially a food blogger having a digital camera is crucial because you have to take photos and videos of the details. Hence, it’s essential to have a camera. I suggest you buy a Nikon D3500 or Nikon D5600, depending on your budget. Both are awesome.

Reply to  Willard
2 years ago

I highly recommend Canon EOS REBEL T7.
It’s a great starter camera. I’ve taken amazing photos on my travels to the desert and the Arches with it. Auto focus is simply fantastic and takes superb close-ups.
I have to say, It struggles to adjust to high contrast lighting and can be slow to adjust in general. 
The camera itself is super well made and can survive a beating.
BUT, if you are interested in being more of a serious photographer, I recommend to go after The T7ii; I definitely recommend you to waste the extra penny for it.

Reply to  Willard
2 years ago

It’s all based on your photography style and preferences, but OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 is a fantastic way to go.
I love my point and shoot waterproof camera to bring to the beach for sand and water photos; it’s incredibly useful. 
I would never bring my iPhone or DSLR cameras there.
Even only at 12MP, it takes excellent photos, and it has better low light sensitivity than the Nikon.
I love the kid activity mode to take a continuous set of pictures.
If you Google the name, you’ll see how beautiful it is.

2 years ago

I think anyone using their phone to provide pictures for the blog is not in it to win it! I mean, come on!! Act professional, and you’ll be recognized as one!!
I use Sony Alpha a6400, Best Camera on the Market, including all brands for the price and what you get. 
Hands down, just give up your money. I’ve had the Nikon D3300, the Sony a6000, the Sony A7R; this Is the best photography purchase that I have made to contribute to my blog.
Best 3 Features in my opinion:
Unmatched Realtime Eye-AF.
Weight and Usability. Customizability!

2 years ago

Check out Melissa55’s YouTube channel if you believe beauty blogging is hard, and it’s only for young people. Melissa is 62 years old! That’s hard to believe! With no surgery or Botox, this grandmother in Tennessee looks her best!

2 years ago

Thank you for this article. Do you think it’s worth getting a camera for a blogger in the early stages of work? Or should a beginner stick with their smartphones in case they don’t get to make that much money out of blogging. 

Reply to  David
1 year ago

Well, if you ask me, it doesn’t make much difference initially. Either way, you feel comfortable is good enough. The thing that matters more is the content of your blog and including pics and videos. As soon as the readers find your blog absorbing, you have hit the target.

1 year ago

Do I need to be an expert to become a blogger? I ask this because I’ve newly learned to create blogs, but I’m still a novice in this field and have a long way ahead to make it appealing to the readers.