18 Gift Ideas for Seniors You’ve Never Thought Of!

Many people think shopping for seniors is hard. But the truth is, there is nothing complicated about buying gifts for seniors if you use creativity and add a personal touch to the gifts. When it comes to getting presents for seniors, you should think outside the box. You need to abandon the cliché concepts of gifts you get your friends and start to consider the needs of the seniors. This article will give you some ideas on what to get your senior loved ones as a gift.

Best Gifts for Seniors

Seniors have different needs but similar emotions. It is very unlikely that your beloved does not like your present since the mere act of consideration and caring about them makes them happier than ever. Nevertheless, life will be better if you appreciate the vital role of seniors in the family. Despite the challenges of shopping for seniors, many options are still available. Below is a list of appropriate and suitable items as gifts for seniors, grouped under different categories to make the decision easier for you.

Gifts for Entertainment

You can look for a gift that brings seniors a fun time. If they are retired, they sure need a fun activity to fill their days and fight boredom.

1. Large Print Card Games

One excellent gift can be card games for seniors. Playing card games together is a perfect way to spend some quality time with family and friends, and it helps seniors have fun and improve their cognitive abilities. However, some older adults may suffer from poor eyesight due to old age, so it can be hard to read the cards correctly. It is better to look for large print editions of popular card games to prevent problems. No need to worry; they are just as easy to find as the standard versions which you can use for retirement gift.

2. Books

Everyone needs to read, especially seniors and retirees who have a lot of free time since reading is very beneficial for improving their mental health. And this doesn’t only apply to novels or non-fiction books. Today’s writing industry has made many books for seniors to entertain them and help them reach a healthier mental state. This list includes Adult colouring books, Joke books, Puzzle books, Trivia books, and best novels for seniors. You need to know what your loved one is into so you can buy them the book they would like.

3. Gardening Sets

Something is soothing and peaceful about gardening, which seniors seem to uncover better than others. We know this because gardening is one of the top hobbies for seniors. Get them the right equipment to make gardening an even more enjoyable experience.

Gift Ideas for Senior

Gifts for Comfort and Easy Access

While entertaining seniors is important, you can also buy gifts that make daily life easier for them.

4. Shower Bench/Shower Seat

If you are busy, so you cannot attend to your senior all the time, or you are not using home care assistance, a shower seat is a good gift because taking showers and baths alone can be challenging for some seniors.

5. Bedside Caddy/Bedside Organizer

How about a secure storage organizer that can hang from the bed frame? Your loved one would not have to worry about clearing all nightstands and finding what they need before going to bed or getting up. A bedside storage caddy provides easy access to all the seniors’ items in the bed.

6. Massage Chair

This one can be a little luxurious and expensive, but guaranteed, your loved one will adore and use it daily. A good massage chair helps seniors relax and relieves their anxiety or pain. Also, while a full-body massage chair can be expensive, it is an excellent investment if your senior family member often tends to get massage appointments.

Gifts of Smart Technologies

We all know how technology makes lives easier. It would be a great idea to use smart home technologies that help seniors as a present idea list.

7. Amazon Echo

How about a small smart assistant? These modern devices have so many skills and capabilities that you cannot imagine living without them once you get them. Having something like this is a great help for seniors, especially those who live alone.

8. Item Finder

We all lose our stuff, and apparently, it does not stop when we get older. A modern item finder can be handy if seniors lose something important like keys. This way, they can quickly locate what they have lost.

9. Sleep Aid Device

It gets harder to sleep as you get older, given how many people suffer from elderly sleep disorders. Get your senior loved one of these smart devices to ensure they get good sleep at night.

Gift Ideas for Senior

10. Gifts for Good Memories

It is a fact that people tend to cherish good memories more as they age. As you get older, you constantly find yourself wanting to feel the sense of nostalgia and the memory of good times. 

11. Customized Personal Birthday Newspaper

Customized personal birthday newspaper is an exciting and unique birthday present because it is a newspaper front page with headlines and stories about the incidents on their birthday. They will love this historic artwork.

12. Photo Album

Seniors seem to love collecting photos. Get them a nice photo album to ensure they would not lose any of their favourite photographs.

13. Digital Photo Frame

There is nothing wrong with classic photo frames. But this small digital picture frame instantly shares photos and videos from your phone and email, so undoubtedly, it is a unique gift to get a senior.

Gift Ideas for Senior

Gifts for Elderly Women

Usually, gifts have no gender, but certain gifts are more appealing to women. Here are a few things you can get your lovely mother or grandmother to show them how much you care about them.

Women Accessories

Accessories are always a good choice when shopping for a lady, no matter their age. Like the following accessories we have introduced, some accessories are so unique and beautiful that your beloved will surely lighten up to see.

Four Seasons Tree of Life Pendant: Representing the passage of time in the most beautiful possible way.

Birthday Jewelry: these unique jewelry pieces indicate the decade your loved lady has lived in a very aesthetic way. This gift is a wonderful present to get them turning 70, 80, or 90.

14. Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner

Getting women’s jewelry is an act of affection, but getting them a device that keeps their jewelry good as new is an act of real love. No woman can hate something that keeps the dirt off their lovely accessories.

15. Women’s Kitchen Linen Set

The love for cooking does not easily die, especially not in women who have spent a considerable part of their lives making delicious meals for their families. Get them a lovely kitchen set and watch them look adorable while they are making meals.

Gift Ideas for Senior

Gifts for Elderly Men

We have reviewed what to get your senior ladies. Now it is time to go over some gifts for the gentlemen. Here are some fantastic gifts you can get your father or grandfather.

16. BBQ Cooking Apron

Does your father or grandfather still love Barbeque parties and insist on preparing the food himself? In that case, he would love these aprons that are designed for seniors. They come in different colours and designs and are made for lovely older adults who want to participate in a fun BBQ party.

17. Watch Box

Who says seniors do not need to look classy? Get them a stylish box that helps them organize their watches and add to their charisma.

18. Adjustable Walking Sticks for Men

If your grandfather or father enjoys outdoor activities and spending some time in the forest or the mountains, they will love this gift more than anything in the world. Adjustable walking sticks solve many problems with mobility and come in handy when walking can be challenging.

Gift Ideas for Senior

Final Words

Once again, getting gifts is an excellent way to maintain your good relationship with seniors. But you do not need to go out of your way or get something huge as a gift for your beloved older adults. Seniority teaches you to appreciate the little things in life, like the love between friends and family. And notice that the mentioned gifts are only ideas for you. In the end, only you know your beloved to know what gift makes them truly happy.

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9 months ago

Plants are my favourite gifts. Whenever I’m visiting my uncle, I get him Succulent plants or Bamboo plants. I think plants are the perfect gift because they live, grow, and need attention, making them ideal for older adults.

Reply to  Scarlett
7 months ago

Next time consider buying him gardening tools! I had one from my grandson last year. Maybe that’s because it was his first gift to me, but my gardening tools set is the best gift I’ve ever had.

9 months ago

I think one other gift that is worth mentioning is electric and heated blankets. I got one for my grandmother’s birthday last year, and since then, whenever I go to visit her, she never forgets to tell me how much she loves it. I think it is a comfortable gift for people over 60 years old.

9 months ago

I’m sure this list helps to choose a good gift for my mother’s birthday. I especially enjoy the idea of a gardening set and massage chair. I’m pretty sure that my mom will be excited about the gardening set since she is interested in plants as far as I remember.  

9 months ago

I am thankful for this article because I’ve always considered getting gifts for people over 60 years old super hard. My mother’s birthday is coming up, and I was at a loss. I wasn’t sure what I could get her. Some options like birthday jewelry and customized birthday newspaper sound good. Thank you so much.

Reply to  Alfred
8 months ago

True, I’ve always had problems choosing and getting gifts for my parents. They are both in their 70s, and sometimes I feel like they don’t need anything. It would be easier if they told us about their needs, but they insist they don’t need anything from their children most of the time. That’s adorable but also makes the process of getting them presents harder.

Hamed Rahim
Hamed Rahim
8 months ago

Like an old man who loves plants, I will always be thankful for my children and friends to buy the gardening tools as a gift for me when I want to celebrate my birthday. Because I grew up on the farm, so I really like working with plants and animals. In fact, when we warred with these helpful factors, they will work as a remedy, especially for our spirits. So I agree with you that plants and gardening tools are our best gifts for elders.

Reply to  Hamed Rahim
8 months ago

My mother is the same as you. she raised on a farm, and she has always had an intimate relationship with plants. She loves plants and gardening, but she lives in an apartment in Toronto now and doesn’t have access to a proper environment for gardening. So I decided to buy some gardening boxes and LED plant growth lamps for her. 

8 months ago

I enjoyed reading this wonderful article. But I can suggest new ideas to the guys who want to buy gifts for their elderly parents or senior partners. I think pets are the best gift for seniors. Since I was a child, I liked to keep beautiful birds in my home. For example, a charmful canary or cute dog will be the best gift and make us happy. 

6 months ago

Do you think if some seniors mind taking gifts that suggest the sensitivity of senior years? I would like to get my senior father a smartwatch that monitors his vital signs and his health condition, but I’m worried he might be offended or even get too stressed about controlling his health status if he keeps wearing it.