Is It Bad to Sleep with a Bra On?

There are several conflicts among people regarding the health pros and cons of sleeping with a bra on. Scientific studies have supported some of these popular beliefs. In contrast, there is no strong evidence has been found yet for others. This article, however, tries to scientifically answer this question “Is it bad to sleep with a bra on?”.

Is It Okay to Sleep with a Bra On?

As you may hear, some people claim that wearing a bra has adverse effects on women’s health. One of the most popular beliefs is that sleeping with a bra may increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Although there has been no strong evidence yet, it is suggested that it’s better to sleep braless at night. A Thigh bra with painful and aching wires and straps may disrupt blood and lymphoma circulation in the body. However, based American Cancer Society report, a study which scientists did on 1500 women in 2014 found no clear association between wearing a bra at night and breast cancer.

Some scientists claim that disrupting the lymphatic system due to wearing a tight bra increases cancer risk, causes edema and changes breast physiology. More precisely, the role of the lymphatic system in removing toxins through lymph nodes.

Sleep with a Bra On

When you wear a tight bra at night, your lymph system is blocked and can’t remove toxins from your breast. As a result, the incidence of edema and inflammation in that organ will occur, and the physiology of the breast may change. In addition, the lack of removing toxins via the lymph system may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Tight bras during sleep may cause cramp muscles and dizziness due to blood circulation disruption. In this case, the blood can’t provide enough nutrients for muscles.

Another possible adverse effect of sleeping with a bra on is sleep- disruption. A scientific study on a small group of women showed that wearing a bra during sleep can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle. This study showed that wearing a tight bra can increase the core temperature and decrease melatonin secretion in the human body; seniors sleep less well because of both. It can also classify as one of the senior’s sleep disorders.

Melatonin is a hormone in the human body that regulates sleep-wake cycles in the human body.

On the contrary, it is noteworthy that sleep with a bra on may be beneficial for some people who suffer from breast lumps and cysts. Movement in the bed during sleep may be painful, so wearing a soft bra with the proper size can limit breast movements, thereby less pain.

What Is the Side Effect of a Bra?

Sleep with a Bra On

Despite the possible problems mentioned above regarding sleeping with a bra, there are other side effects. Some of the most important ones are as follow:


Wearing a bra for a long time (during sleep, for example) causes uneven tone skin. In general, our skin colour results from melanin molecules and the amount of these molecules determines the skin colour. Skin becomes darker as the amounts of molecules increases. In the long run, wearing a tight bra increases friction to the skin, stimulating melanin production in the skin.

In addition, the constant friction between a bra and skin may increase the risk of skin irritation, especially in people with sensitive skin. This problem becomes worse in hot weather and summer.


In summer or warm regions, wearing a tight bra, especially those made from synthetic fibres, may cause excessive sweating. It consequently leads to poor hygiene, skin irradiation and fungal growth in the breast.

Fungal Growth

As mentioned above, one of the side effects of a bra is not limited to sweating. It can be a source of other problems like fungal growth. All fungal love moist, warm environment to growth and thigh, synthetic textile bras provide an excellent environment.

Is Sleeping Without a Bra Healthy?

Sleep with a Bra On

From a health point of view, sleeping without a bra may have health benefits. First of all, sleeping braless may bring more hygiene and reduces the risk of breast fungal growth.

The second is that sleeping braless may cause better respiration. In general, when we lay down, the upper respiratory tract gets narrower and wearing a tight and stiff bra makes it narrower. So, sleeping braless helps you have better respiration at night. So, the answer to the question “Is It good to sleep without a bra on?” can be yes.

Note: wearing other pieces of garments has its benefits (and disadvantages).

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In conclusion, there is no strong evidence regarding the adverse effects of sleeping with a bra on. However, in this regard, the size of a bra and whether it is tight or not is more important. A tight bra may cause impair blood and lymph circulation, sleep disruption, poor hygiene, etc., while an easy wear bra for senior women may have less or even no harmful effect. Generally speaking, although there are no scientific reports about sleep with a bra on, it is suggested that it’s better to sleep braless to avoid those problems.

Use this article only as educational material. You must consult your doctor and/or specialist prior to using it. Read more about this disclaimer.

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25 days ago

I can never tolerate my bra for bedtime. I can’t sleep well if I don’t remove it, and my friends had the same idea. So I never knew some people actually sleep with them.

20 days ago

Is that even possible to sleep with your bra on?!

Reply to  Naomi
6 days ago

I asked myself the same question. I never even thought about sleeping with a bra. Even the thought of it is uncomfortable for me. Sleep is all about comfort and relaxation. A bra can easily ruin my night.

17 days ago

It is debatable that it is healthy to wear a bra for more than six hours, even during the day! Let alone sleeping with them. I think no one should sleep in their bras; it can be harmful in the long run.