Top Healing Benefits of Adopting Pets in the Senior Years

Adopting animals goes back to ancient times when humans realized that animals were great friends and kept them close at their houses as friends. Many physicians and psychologists believe caring for pets improves humans’ quality of life.

Our pets quickly become part of the family since they have an excellent ability to adapt themselves to humans; in other words, our behaviours are absorbed into their spirits. Some animals, like dogs, have a great tendency to understand our emotions or discomforts. Because of this, we now use dogs in various fields, such as finding bodies after earthquakes or emotional support for soldiers who have returned to their houses after war.

Pets are excellent companions for seniors too.

But the question is,

What Effect Do Pets Have on Your Wellbeing During the Pandemic?

When we talk about the impacts of adopting pets for seniors, we are not just talking about dogs or cats because maybe someone prefers to have other pets like fish or a parrot. But the aim is equal; caring for pets has benefits for everyone. Due to pandemic changes in our lifestyle, most of us live in separate homes that may be far away from our loved ones. So as a senior, we should find an alternative solution to deal with the times that we are alone.

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

These Are Some Impacts of Adopting Pets for Seniors

  • Seniors that have pets may experience less depression than others.

  • To avoid depression, we all need significant hormones: serotonin and dopamine. These hormones make us happy, calm and relaxed. Pets bring us such changes and more.

  • Seniors can walk with pets or play with them. You probably know exercise and movement are essential factors in keeping us healthy. Such activities can reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and lowering our cholesterol level and triglyceride help us avoid sudden heart attacks. Thanks to pets, seniors show fewer disease symptoms, requiring fewer doctor visits.

  • Touching or hugging the pets works as a good pain killer since we feel decreased blood pressure and relaxed just by touching them.

Impacts of Adopting Pets for Seniors

In addition to the effect pets have on your well-being during the Pandemic, here are the most critical effects of keeping a pet at home for the seniors and reading them might change your decision to adopt a pet.

Pets Change Your Lifestyle

Seniors need to choose a healthier lifestyle and protect themselves from depression, anxiety and stress. Adopting pets is a good way for seniors to change their lifestyles.

Increase Movement

Pets, especially dogs, need to stay active. When you decide to keep one, you need to know that dogs must walk daily. walking and its effect on the health of the elderly

elderly has been thoroughly discussed and confirmed before.

And even if you can’t go outside to play with your pets, you can play with them at the house, similar to exercising.

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

Protecting from Isolation

We all need companions to enjoy our life when we get older. Pets are loyal friends that offer a great friendship to you. When you adopt pets, you have to care for their needs, such as feeding, cleaning and medical requirements.

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Boosting Public Relationships

One of the brilliant impacts of adopting pets for seniors is making new relationships with others. Because when you walk outside with your dog, you often see others with their pet, you may talk with each other or walk together.

Good public relations help you keep your social manner and avoid depression and isolation.

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

Protecting from Tension

Some people believe pets to be similar to children. We try never to speak loudly or show fury to our grandchildren, and pets are adorable like children. Sometimes they do some stupid things, but you choose not to punish them. Pets teach us to raise our tolerance level, and when we have more control over our feelings, especially anger or tension, it will be better for our mental or physical situation.

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Make a Better Arrangement in Your Life

Almost all pets, particularly dogs, need a regular feeding and exercise routine. You can arrange your plans parallel with your pet. In this way, you can adjust to each step of your life. For example, taking your pills, doing routine exercise and nutrition. Surprisingly, you don’t need to set a clock to complete your daily tasks because dogs never forget their needs!

Read about important self-management skills for seniors.

Managing Stress

We all have bad days in our life. Hearing some bad news, inadequate sleeping at night, body achs, covid-19 disaster, or other parameters that cause stress in our lives. Seniors are affected more by these events and need to find ways to manage stress.

Our brain releases anti-stress hormones when we touch or hug pets.

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

Managing Weight

According to a year-long report at the Wellness Institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, walking with an overweight dog helped both the animals and their owners lose extra pounds. Recent research shows that dogs offered excellent assistance similar to a human workout partner, with greater consistency and positive consequences. Due to ageing, keeping a careful eye on seniors’ weight and BMI range is more critical than ever.

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

Bringing joy back to your life

You may miss the things that used to occupy your time and give your life meaning when you get older. Your job may come to an end; your children may relocate or isolation because of the covid-19. Caring for a pet can be enjoyable and beneficial to your optimism and self-esteem. Adopting a pet from a shelter, particularly an older pet, can give you a sense of accomplishment in knowing that you’ve given a home to a pet who would have been euthanized otherwise.

Protecting from Mental Disorders

As we get older, we may face mental problems such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. A recent study at the University of California shows seniors who own pets had less stress and discomfort at home. Pets may be a source of nonlinguistic, constructive contact. A well-trained, obedient animal’s playful contact and a gentle touch can help an Alzheimer’s patient relax and reduce aggressive behaviour.

Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets for Seniors

Here are some benefits of adopting an older pet:

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

1. You Get What They Need

Unlike a puppy or kitten, who will undergo several developmental changes, an older animal has a stable temperament. Since they are completely grown, you can choose one compatible with your home.

2. Identify Their Manners

Older pets are trained enough because of their prior living experience with humans and don’t need lessons to adapt to the new house. Furthermore, you can understand them easier and have a more intimate connection with them.

3. Require Fewer Demands

Older animals have developed habits, and although they still enjoy playing, they also appreciate relaxing, hugging, and napping. They are more emotionally stable and mellow than younger pets, and while they need exercise like any other pet, it does not have to be as regular or intense as it would be with a younger animal. In the A-List of Our top hobby ideas for seniors, you can also find other fun hobbies to have a happier life.

4. They Still Have the Potential to Learn

Although senior pets already remember some basic lessons from their past owners, they still are motivated to learn new things. They are more focused and attentive than puppies and kittens, and they may have received obedience training from prior owners or shelter workers. They may already be housebroken or leash trained, have training experience, and have basic house it’s enjoyable for seniors to deal with older pets because they can play and teach them new things.

5. Lovely Pets

Older pets need attention and love. They don’t care about your appearance or the shape of your body; they only want your passion and kindness. When you have a kind manner with them, they will devote all their love to you.

What Animals Are Potentially Good Friends for Us?

If you assume only dogs or cats are good pets, you are mistaken. Lizards and snakes, rabbits, birds or fish are some examples of good pets. For example, a study shows that snakes or lizards recognize the place and its owner. So if you are looking for another type of pet, and if you are not afraid of reptiles or parrots, you can choose them.

impacts of adopting pets for seniors

How to Find a Proper Pet?

As a senior, choosing the most suitable pet is more important because you yourself need to take care of your health and care for the pet at the same time.

So, analyze your house properties and abilities well before adopting a pet. For example, if you live in an apartment or small house, the pet size is something to take into consideration.

Responsibility is another essential part of caring for pets at home. They are alive creatures like us, so you should satisfy their requirements. You should know some pets do not enjoy the road if you travel a lot. So before choosing your pet, study their habits and then choose them.


Pets will bring joy back to your life, make loneliness a thing of the past, and you can even teach your grandchildren to have a suitable manner with animals. If you are interested in adopting pets, please be careful about their needs and do not just abandon them when you feel unable to keep them in your house.

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2 years ago

Many years ago, I found a puppy on the street, she was abandoned, and I adopted her. I can’t quite describe how it was like living with her, she was loveable, and she made me forget about all the other disturbing things that were going on in my life back then. Unfortunately, I had to give her away, and that was the saddest thing I’ve ever done to this point. But now, after about ten years that everything is settled, I miss my little friend, and I’m happy that I got to live with such a magnificent creature.

Reply to  Eugene
2 years ago

Wow, what a coincidence. I found my cat on the streets too. Of course, back then, she was just a weak, lonely little kitten. Now she’s healthy and lovely as ever. Bringing her home was the best decision of my life. I’m sorry you gad to give your puppy away. Cheer up. You did the best you could.

2 years ago

Do you think apartments are generally a good place to take care of pets, particularly dogs? I mean, if we take them for walks and don’t trap them inside all the time. I would have loved to move to the suburbs but unfortunately I have to stay with my family in an apartment and I really want to adopt a dog.

Reply to  Monica
2 years ago

There are plenty of small dog breeds that would be happier in an apartment like Bichon Frise, French Bulldog, Pug, Shih Tzu, etc.
Most of them are small in size. In addition, many of them are low-shed and known for being polite and quiet. The most important thing when choosing a dog is to select the breed that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Don’t worry, just adopt a dog and enjoy living with it😊

Reply to  Monica
2 years ago

Of course, it is possible; my brother does it. He has not one but two dogs living in his apartment. But, it would be best if you took them for a walk almost every day. Most dogs need it; it’s like oxygen to them. Also, make sure to know about your building’s policy about pets.

Reply to  Monica
2 years ago

I don’t think there would be a problem if you decide to adopt a breed that can tolerate apartments and take them for walks regularly. I mean, in my opinion, apartments, in general, are not designed for keeping pets. But we can adapt to the situation, and so can dogs and other pets, I guess.

2 years ago

My mother is around 70 and lives alone. Although she is safe and sound, it will be a great idea to adopt a service dog to help her. I can’t quit my job to move there and live with her, and I always worry about her. I believe that a service dog is a great help for her. does anyone have a similar experience?

Reply to  Mania
2 years ago

Yes, I did the same for my father because I had to move away and couldn’t visit him so often. We (my siblings and I) got him a service dog. Seniors with mobility problems can benefit from the companionship of service dogs. And the best breeds for this purpose are Golden and Labrador Retrievers. We got my mother a Golden Retriever, and so far, everything has been so satisfying.

2 years ago

I live in a village nearby Quebec; my family and I are used to living with animals like sheep or chickens and something like that. And of course, we already have 2 cats and 2 dogs! I can prove that pets are perfect for our life. Because they are adorable, honest and energetic. Of curse, you have to take care of them every day, but it’s not a big problem if you care about your routines. So I believe having pets will be great for seniors in my age.