Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Joyous Living in 2022

At the beginning of each year, many people make resolutions. Getting involved in these efforts can provide people with the motivation and direction to make positive changes in their lives. New year’s resolutions can lead to a sense of empowerment and self-esteem. Keeping resolutions and setting goals can provide a sense of accomplishment. You can also feel more confident after accomplishing small goals. New year’s resolutions can help you reflect on the past, present, and future and figure out what is working and what might need to be adjusted. Here is a list of 18 achievable new year’s resolutions for happy and healthy living.

1. Exercise Your Brain

Maintaining the brain’s activity throughout life is similar to keeping the body active. Mental exercises, such as brain games and puzzles, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. An easy way to improve your memory and problem-solving skills is by practicing brain exercises. The good news is, apart from physical games, there are also excellent brain game apps you can enjoy. These games can eventually contribute to a better quality of life.

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2. Read More Books

a senior woman sitting on a sofa and reading a book

The most crucial reason for setting a new year resolves to live happier and healthier. Reading is one of the ways to improve our mental and physical health. Studies have shown that reading has many benefits for seniors. Some of the benefits are reduced stress and better sleep, improved memory circuits, sharpened decision-making, and possibly even delaying the onset of dementia. So if you’re thinking about the new year’s resolution for 2022, consider reading more books to get the health benefits and stay entertained. It would be best if you had some book suggestions:  Top 10 Must-Read Novels for Seniors

3. Listen to Audio Books While Doing the Chores

Engaging in household chores is an excellent way of reducing stress and keeping a healthy mental state. It’s also a perfect physical activity that helps burn calories and have a healthier appetite. What could make doing the chores more enjoyable? You can keep your house clean by listening to audiobooks while doing mindless tasks. You might even enjoy doing these chores if you have a good enough audiobook.

4. Make Healthier Food Choices


a senior couple eating healthy dietAs we age, our nutritional need grows with us. We need to make healthier food choices to ensure our bodies are at one hundred percent performance to keep us healthy and happy. There are certain foods to eat and avoid to have healthier ageing. So a great new year’s resolution for seniors could be eating more greens, more protein and less junk food.

5. Invest in Your Skincare Routine

Face Masks for Seniors

It’s incredible how a good moisturizer or a DIY face mask can make us feel so great. A healthy new year’s resolution in our golden years improves our skincare. The primary criterion of beauty is clear, healthy and radiant skin. By adopting a healthy and convenient skincare routine, we guarantee the health and beauty of our skin and get a more positive feeling towards ourselves.

6. Keep Sugar Away

No sugar written by sprinkled sugar on a wooden table

It’s no secret that added sugar is unhealthy for people of all ages. But let’s not focus on the dangers of consuming sugar, but focus on the health benefits of cutting down sugar, to set our new year’s resolution for 2022. One of the incredible health benefits of reducing sugar intake is increasing cardiovascular health, which means better exercise and a healthier BMI range. Reducing sugar intake can also improve our skin health and radiant. But no need to worry. There are effective ways to stop using too much sugar for seniors.

7. Exercise

Exercises for older adults

The benefits of exercise for seniors are too many. Activity regulates blood pressure, blood sugar and boosts immunity. These are all enough reasons to set our new year’s resolution for 2022 to exercise more. There are lots of best exercises for seniors and a few workouts to avoid. Even if you have low mobility or prefer intense impact workouts, you can always benefit from seated exercises.

8. Set A Flexible Walking Schedule

senior couple walking in park

Walking is among the best exercises for seniors. It helps regulate blood pressure, lowers the risk of diabetes and colon cancer and keeps our joints flexible. Walking is also an excellent mood booster. There are many ways to make walking the most enjoyable activity. You can walk with friends or join a walking club. Since nature access has many health benefits, consider going on nature walks once in a while.

9. Join an Online Community

Online community

There are several reasons to join an online community. Getting involved in online communities allows you to discover your passions and favourite activities. By participating in online communities, you can gain knowledge and become more productive. As well as offering social support, the assemblies may also serve as opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Participation in these communities provides a combination of leisure activities and an expanded social network, conducive to seniors’ well-being.

10. Start Gardening

a senior couple gardening

Owning a garden is one of the most enjoyable new year’s resolutions for seniors. Gardening has many health benefits, both physical and mental. Some studies have shown that Mycobacterium vaccae found in soil is the secret to the immune system’s strength. You can protect yourself from asthma, allergies, and depression by taking this bacteria.It would be awesome if you could start a garden in your yard, backyard, or indoor garden. You only need to decide what kind of plants you want to grow and do a little research.

11. Involve Music in your Life

bonding activities for younger and older generations

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” There are too many reasons to involve music in your life. Listening to music can lower stress and anxiety levels. Listening to relaxing music can help you fall asleep faster. It can also boost creativity and productivity. An entertaining new year’s resolution in your golden years can be learning a new instrument or dedicating more time to listening to music.

12. Improve your Balance

Balance exercise for seniors

Regardless of whether you are concerned about falling, it would help if you still remember that seniors’ exercise and balanced routines can improve your overall health. Your muscles and bones will be stronger, and your cardiovascular system will be healthier. Besides improving balance, balance exercises can also enhance confidence. So it makes sense to start doing balance exercises in 2022.

13. Explore New Hobbies

top hobby ideas for seniors

Nothing boosts the mind and body like completing a task and doing something you enjoy. Having an activity just for your pleasure and happiness enriches your life. Hobbies give you the freedom to learn something new without feeling pressured. In addition to being entertaining, new challenges stimulate the brain, contributing to positive cognitive health. So it makes all the sense as a new year’s resolution in your retirement, to start a new hobby that you enjoy.

14. Volunteer

a senior woman with a t shirt with volunteer tag on itThere are several ways to volunteer in your golden years. Volunteering keeps the mind active, which positively affects mental health. Engaging in meaningful and productive activities can make you feel better and help you have a positive outlook on life. Participating in community activities and volunteering promotes socialization. Furthermore, volunteering reduces the likelihood of depression in individuals compared with those who do not volunteer.


15. Start Doing Yoga

Pilates for seniorsThere are many benefits to practicing yoga, including releasing the tension you’re holding in your body, especially in your shoulders and upper back. Yoga is a relaxing activity and has the power of reducing stress and helping us fall asleep faster. By doing yoga, we can improve our bone density. Yoga also helps us have a healthy weight. The good news is, there are several YouTube channels to learn yoga.

16. Learn a New Language

senior couple learning language

Language learning is possible at any age, according to studies. Learning a foreign language has never been easier with the advanced technology available on the market today. There are several reasons to learn a new language. Learning a new language can boost our self-esteem. We can also improve our mental health and brain activity.

17. Upcycle Your Clothes

a senior couple between clothes

If you don’t want to buy into fast fashion, upcycling your old clothes is a great alternative. You can prolong the life of your wardrobe by learning how to upcycle clothes. Also, You can cut the jeans you haven’t worn in a long time into shorts. You can use colours to paint your t-shirts in patterns you like. You can also consider textile recycling if you no longer wish to wear or donate your clothing.

18. Give Yourself More Compliments

Having a positive body image is an essential part of being happy. What we look like is just a tiny part of our lives. Still, our feelings about our bodies affect our mood and our behaviour. So the best thing to do is stop compartments and enjoy what we have and celebrate our achievements.

Final words

The main reason to set goals resolves to pick healthier habits and throw out the old ones that do us no good. The list above was just some ideas for developing your new year’s resolution for 2022. The most important part is to stick to new habits that serve us to live healthier and happier.

And here is a Fun video by Simon’s Cat Youtube Channel to watch about setting New Resolutions:



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2 years ago

Oh, my resolution would definitely be reading more books. I want to read as many classics as I can. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read much this year, but I hope I can change that.

2 years ago

Every year I decide to do so many things, buy planners, plan to visit so many places, read so many books, etc. However, I don’t know what happens that I do nothing. It’s like that I’m just full of energy for a short time, then, as usual, I will stick to the routine of my life. How can I motivate myself?

Reply to  Mathis.K
2 years ago

I know the feeling. Don’t assume you’re the only one who forgets about new years resolutions by February. First, you need achievable goals. There’s no way you can read 500 pages a day and enjoy it! So split down your long-term goals to the short term, like reading 50 pages a day and writing down the progress. And don’t wait to be motivated to start. The best way of getting motivated is by doing what you are supposed to do. The result will give you enough motivation to continue every day. 

2 years ago

My first New Year’s resolution is to learn to read and write in Hindi.
I am already doing that, but I will be able to read and write in Hindi fluently in one month.
Next is to quit.
I am addicted to late-night sleep, unfortunately. I am determined to overcome that. And I set one month time to foresee some improvement.
The last is to complete my home repairing work since it’s leaking when it rain and water stagnant on the roof. I have to complete my housework before February.
I’m excited, to be honest.

2 years ago

This new year my resolution is to start doing yoga. I think I will achieve mental and physical health by yoga through meditation. Last year was a very hectic time for me. I could neither put time for myself nor my family; that is why I think I need to have peace of mind. Then I would be able to manage my time. I love to go out and spend time in nature and enjoy its beauty.

Reply to  Robin
2 years ago

Mine is very close to yours; I’d like to take regular exercise more seriously for my body health. Regarding my mental health, I’ve decided to stop convincing people who disagree with me and instead just listen to them and tell them my idea once only.

2 years ago

The new year is an excellent opportunity for a new start. This year I decided to start doing yoga and swimming because I have read that these exercises are great for muscle strengthening, improving balance, and increasing flexibility. By doing more exercises, I will be more socially active. Also, it would be great for my mental health by improving mood, increasing self-esteem, lowering the risk of depression, and improving sleep and reducing stress.